Vintage Legos, Star Wars, Costumes and a MCM Clock

Hello to the Netherlands, Finland, Canada, Portugal, Australia, France, the UK and all the other people from all over that read this blog. That’s surprising!!

This weekend I went to a church sale on Friday with my son. It started at 10 am and we didn’t get there until about 4 so I wasn’t expecting too much but we did find a few things. He is a gamer and he found this Sega McDonalds game. He just picked it up for his own collection but then he found out that it could sell for about $40 so I think he’s going to sell it.

P1310174 P1310175

Then he found this unusual item called a Walkie Talkie Boy. It is part of a Walkie Talkie set by Nintendo. It’s too bad that he didn’t find a pair but he was happy to find a Nintendo item that he didn’t even know existed!


I picked up two things at this sale. The first was a pretty vintage Shiny Brite box filled with ornaments. It is missing one and one is broken but some are unusual an a little rare. I think this set may be as old as the 1940’s.

P1310162 P1310163 P1310164 P1310165

The second item I bought is this Star Wars sleeping bag. In general I think it looks good but unfortunately, it has some condition issues – a few stains, a small hole and the zipper doesn’t work. I think it came out with the first wave of Star Wars merchandise in the 1970’s. I’m putting it up for auction.

P1310210 P1310213

Today there was a church sale/fall festival not too far from my house. Yipee! I don’t have to drive for an hour. The best item I found there was this box of vintage Legos. Legos have not been as good for me lately as they used to be so now I don’t pick them up unless they are complete in the box, Star Wars themed or very old. These fall under the last category.

P1310186 P1310189 P1310187 P1310188

This sale always has a giant plush pile for 50 cents each so I bought about 8 but only a few turned out to be any good. There was this Scratchy character from the Simpsons TV show.


I picked up a big eyed doll which I think is by the company Bradley. It is hit or miss when selling these but I think she is pretty.

P1310195 P1310197

I found a green Gloworm from 1985. I haven’t photographed him yet because I have to check to see if he works first.

On the way home I stopped at a tag sale where I picked up this Stitch Halloween costume and this mid century modern clock. That will be a bear to ship but its very cool and atomic looking.



The clock is hanging on my wall because I don’t know where else to keep it that it would be safe. It’s fairly large. I might get used to it there. Hmm.

Those are the highlights for this weekend. It’s getting cold out there already!!

3 responses to “Vintage Legos, Star Wars, Costumes and a MCM Clock

  1. wp2014

    Congratulations on your international blog! Way cool! Funny about that clock. I bought one similar to it last year, with ambitions to sell it. But when my husband saw it, he had to have it. He even gave me the $5.00 back that I paid for it. We have it in our living room.

  2. That’s funny because this one is hanging in the dining room because I don’t really have another safe spot for it and I kind of like it up there! Those starburst clocks are pretty cool!!

  3. It is always amazing to find out where your readers are in the world. I co-host a vintage themed link party on Thursdays. Vintage Charm link party starts every Thursday at 8:00 AM EST and runs until Monday at 8:00am EST. Your links will be seen on four blogs. Hope you will join us this week on 10/22/15.

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