Disney Princesses, Wedgwood, Erzgebirgische and Another Steiff Zebra

It is strange how sometimes when you find one item, you continue to find similar items after that. It must be the law of attraction which says that like attracts like. So if you are happy and positive, that’s the kind of energy that you will attract into your life. Or if you find a pink Wedgwood box one week, the next week you will find more colorful Wedgwood. On Sunday, at a tag sale, I bought these three pieces of Wedgwood for $2 each. There are 2 trinket boxes in lilac and one vase in yellow.

P1300839 P1300846

I think they are really lovely and I will enjoy owning them for a while.

At this same sale was a box with all kinds of zebras. Some were ceramic. Some were wooden and then there was this guy with a Steiff button in his ear! He doesn’t look too much like a real zebra because he is brown now instead of black and white. His condition is not great but she only wanted a quarter for him! Last week I also found a Steiff zebra!


I picked up quite a few things at a community sale which was also on Sunday, where I spent about $30. I got a Macau Starbucks City mug for $1. There are 2 small defects on it. I hope it does better than the Taxi cab mug I was so excited about a few months ago. That one showed completed listings for about $75. Mine had a lot a crazing and only sold for $19. I guess I’m lucky it sold at all. Condition, condition, condition, right?

P1300823 P1300824 P1300825

I found a group of wooden Erzgebirgische figures from Germany. I bought the entire group for $11. The prices really range on these. I am going to sell them in two lots.

P1300855 P1300860P1300861 P1300862

The heat from the candles will turn the fan on the one with the Christmas tree.

The last item from this sale is this Villeroy and Boch Le Ballon coffee pot. It is illustrated with watercolored images of a hot air balloon. It’s very beautiful and seems to sell well.

P1300815 P1300818

It was $5.

On Saturday there was that 400 family tag sale in upstate New York that is about 50% antique vendors. Here’s what I found there – a group of Disney Princess items including a charm bracelet, Belle music jewelry box and a Magic Kingdom playset.

P1300772 P1300776 P1300784 P1300788

I picked up this ceramic Christmas tree that is supposed to light up the colorful beads on it when you plug it in. Right now the bulb isn’t working.


The best find was probably this glass and brass curio cabinet similar to others that I have sold before. It has an unusual arched top.


Those were the highlights for this weekend! Looking forward to fall!!

3 responses to “Disney Princesses, Wedgwood, Erzgebirgische and Another Steiff Zebra

  1. wp2014

    Know what you mean…for me this week, it was ceramic figurines. Kept finding them. You didn’t miss much at the church sale in Norwalk. I managed to buy a lot of disney figurines for a quarter each…let you know how I do on those. Then I found a cool horse at another sale, and a Bach type figure at another. At least their small and easy to ship!

  2. I absolutely love Beauty and the Beast—that jewelry box looks so awesome! I love the charm bracelet too, some of the best Disney movies in my opinion are the ones involving princesses. 🙂

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