Wedgwood, Steiff, Teacups, Christmas and lots of other fun stuff.

I spent a lot of money this weekend. I spent about $100 so I hope I do well. If I make $100 from eBay in a week I’m happy so unless I make a multiple of 100, I guess I could have slept in! Anyway – on Friday night there was a sale that started at 5:00 pm with a $10 “first dibbs” option. Since I usually am out of work by 3:00 I was able to make it there. Here is what I picked up.

I found this pretty pink Wedgwood heart shaped trinket box. Wedgwood used to be great but the blue Jasperware is very common now. You can’t really make money unless you have an unusual piece or an unusual color. I’m hoping this will bring about $30. It was marked $3.


This next item is a red enamel footed tray with heart and circle cut outs around the rim. The reason I bought it is because it said “Made in Sweden.” I couldn’t find anything just like it online so I don’t know what will happen with it. I think it’s pretty. It would be a nice piece for Valentine’s Day.

P1300638 P1300639

I don’t usually pick up teacups and saucers but I thought these were so pretty and I wasn’t finding too much else so I purchased them. They were $2.00 each. They are both bone china, made in England. One is Grosvenor and the other is by Foley. I especially like the blue set.

P1300661 P1300668

There was not much in the toy area for me but I did pick up this zebra because he had a button in his ear and is marked as a Steiff. He is softer than the mohair older Steiff  and I believe is a newer item but I still hope he has value. I couldn’t find an exact match for him online.

P1300647 P1300651

I went to a local church on Saturday morning that had a sale that started at 8:00 am. I don’t think anyone else knew that it started at 8:00 because for the first 1/2 hour I was there by myself! I was able to pick up a boxed Nintendo set for my son which he was thrilled about. I found quite a few holiday items. There was this Playmobil nativity set.

P1300759 P1300760

This lego advent calendar.

P1300766 P1300767

Several Christmas stocking felt appliqué needlework kits. The kits were 50 cents each and I’m hoping to get $20 for each of them.

P1300690 P1300694 P1300696 P1300698

The bags were $5 each which is a lot. I got these two Coach bags.

P1300715 P1300736

Two others I picked up turned out to be fake. $10 down the drain!

At the jewelry table everything was $2. I found an Alex and Ani graduation bracelet.


And finally, in the toy area I found this Pac-man plug n play.


Well, I hope some of this stuff sells well because I have to make $100 just to break even! It was a fun time though!

Sales Report – here are some items that sold recently:

Ralph Lauren small houndstooth pattern purse: $14

Peter Pan and Captain Hook figures: $24

Catherineholm green tray: $44

Pair of How to Train your Dragon plush: $39

Disco LeSportsac bag: $34

Vintage plush German Shephard: $29

Polly Pocket Cinderella’s Castle: $54

One response to “Wedgwood, Steiff, Teacups, Christmas and lots of other fun stuff.

  1. wp2014

    How much fun was that being the first one shopping, and by yourself! That’s my fantasy. You got a lot of nice stuff! Tomorrow is Wednesday already. We’re getting closer to the weekend!

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