More Handbags and Vintage Toys

This weekend there were only a few yard sales, a church sale and a sale at a temple. Since that day of finding all those wonderful bags, I have been looking through bags first. I’m finding some – but not like that day!

This weekend I picked up a pair of Dooney and Bourke matching purses. They were marked $5 each but the lady at the temple let me have them for $1 each. There would be no profit to be made at $5 a piece.


At this same sale I picked up a cute Mickey Mouse purse. I like the black on black pattern. You can love Mickey and still be chic!


At a church sale I picked up this Le Sportsac. It is new with tags but I had to pay $10 for it. Hello? Isn’t this a tag sale! It has a disco theme and a cool color palette of purples and lime green.


I found some plush to sell. These two oversized How To Train Your Dragon figures were $3 each. They are about 3 feet long!


I like this Cheshire Cat stuffed toy. It is very nicely drawn. I hope to get $19.99 for it. It was only $1.


This cute little card is a Victorian Paper Doll greeting card. I think the artwork on it is lovely. I probably can’t get much for it but it was one of those things you just want to buy because you like it.


I picked up this James Dean mug because the mugs were only 10 cents.


That’s about all for this weekend! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!


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