Vintage Jewelry and Toy Finds at Rummage and Tag Sales

Some of these finds are from the big church sale from last weekend and some are from sales this weekend. I usually don’t find much jewelry. Often it is priced high and there is a lot of competition for it but at the church sale last week, all the jewelry was in little ziploc bags marked $1. I found a few silver pieces there like this pretty marcasite butterfly pin, marked 925 and this silver and onyx necklace, marked sterling. The chain is made of the thin tubular silver beads. I think some people call it liquid silver because it gives the impression of liquid.

P1300354 P1300468

I also picked up a bag filled with tie tacks and I picked these two out to sell. They are just gold tone.


Today I found some jewelry at a fundraising tag sale. I recognized this pin as Laurel Burch. She usually does cats but her graphic style and colors are pretty distinctive. It’s worth about $10 but I paid a quarter.


There was also this interesting looking pendant on the table marked $3. It was signed on the back with the name Aaron Rubinstein and it also said Sterling in script. When I purchased it the lady said “My uncle made this. He made jewelry.” Now, I know a lot of people who make jewelry. My neighbor, my cousin and one of the teachers where I work make jewelry. So when she said this I made some comment like “How nice” or something. But it turns out that her uncle was a popular modernist designer from the 50’s and has a whole store and a website. Had I known that I would have said something like “Wow! Your uncle was Aaron Rubinstein! How cool!” In which case she would probably have charged me a lot more for the pendant because it turns out that it may sell for at least $100.


Another jewelry find was this Powerpuff Girl watch. I had to replace the battery which cost $10 and I think it will only sell for $20 so there’s not too much profit but I think it’s cute.


I only found a few toys this weekend. One was this Ben 10 FX omnitrix. It looks kind of like a watch and has something to do with aliens. It lights up and makes noise. The one you want to look for is the one with the white corners. These can sell for between $40 and $50. I had to buy a battery for it though, which cost me another $10.


The other toy I found was this Polly Pocket Cinderella’s castle. The thing about some of the Polly Pockets is that what gives them value is having the little characters that go with them. When I bought it I didn’t see any characters inside the castle but when I got it home I realized that there is a hidden draw in the back. I was happy to find 7 tiny Cinderella characters inside!

P1300404 P1300406

The last find of the weekend was this blue and white ceramic rolling pin which I think is very charming. I love the combination of blue and white on ceramic items.

P1300417 - Version 2 P1300417

On the down side, the Michael Kors bag I picked up at last weeks sale is a fake. I also picked up a Barbie doll this weekend that I thought was a vintage Francie doll from 1966. After I researched her I realized that she is a reproduction doll from the 90’s. She has 1966 stamped on two places on her! That’s confusing! But all in all I’m very happy with my finds. Tomorrow it is back to work for me after a summer off. I’ll look forward to fun fall tag sales!


4 responses to “Vintage Jewelry and Toy Finds at Rummage and Tag Sales

  1. masha2633

    The Polly Pockets and PowerPuff watch remind me o my childhood! I’d have such a hard time letting them go. 🙂 Nice finds!

  2. It’s fun to buy/find things from childhood. I have a shelf of Dawn dolls which I pick up when I can find them, from my childhood!

  3. These are great finds. Lovely jewelry, even sterling! Very nice to find all the Polly Pocket Princesses. Say that five times fast.

  4. Thanks! I love Polly Pockets!!

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