Vintage Bags, Shoes, Dolls and Surprises

This weekend there were church sales, temples sales and tag sales. On Saturday I went to a tag sale at a church. There was a big pile of empty boxes when you walked in. The lady there said “Take a box, you’re gonna need a box.” She was right. I could have used a wagon- maybe a small truck. Everything was $1 – purses, shoes, jewelry and toys. There was a big pile of handbags and I could tell they were fairly old (60’s-70’s). I picked out about 10. My favorite is this one by a designer named Martin Van Schaak. It has an owl on the front and colorful straps. I think it’s very different and fun.

P1300142 P1300143

There was an older Dooney and Bourke but there are a lot of discolorations on the leather and it is missing the shoulder strap.


I picked up a very small Lauren by Ralph Lauren bag in a tweed kind of fabric. It is very preppy. There was also a colorful striped canvas Relic bag. I think both bags look appropriate for fall.



There was a Michael Kors bag but I don’t know how to authenticate this and I am not familiar with them. Last I will show this small sweet Coach bag in black.

P1300208 P1300216

Sorting and listing these will be an learning experience for me!

Next to the bags were shoes. I noticed these gold shoes because they looked very old fashioned. They have big rhinestone buckles on them. Maybe they can be part of someone’s halloween costume.


I only picked up a few things in the toy area. I got this pair of figures from Peter Pan. They are about 9″ and look like they were Disney theme park exclusives so may be worth $20 for the two.


I bought this Aristocats themed music box. When you open it Marie spins to the song “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat.” I love the music boxes with the spinning figures and the mirrors. They remind me of the ones with the ballerinas that I had when I was young.


In the housewares area I picked up this blue and white enamel tea pot. It reminded me of Finland of Arabia but I couldn’t see a mark on it. When i got it home and washed it I saw on the bottom that it said Catherineholm, made in Norway. This is one of my favorite designers so I was very happy with this surprise. On Friday I was at an estate sale and saw an enamel tray that looked kind of mid century modern to me and when I flipped it over I saw Catherineholm Made in Norway. I was not familiar with either of these designs before this weekend!

P1300127 P1300256

In the housewares area there was also this colorfully illustrated plate by Reichenbach of Germany. It seems to have fairy tale type figures on it.


The last items I will mention were these two backpacks. One is an Element backpack and the other is Land’s End. They are both in good, used condition. I may have missed the boat on back to school supplies but hopefully they will sell.

P1300264 P1300270

I have been listing most of the weekend and still have lots more to do. I will post more tomorrow about other sales I went to but that church sale was one of the best I have been to all summer!

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