Vintage Toys, Mugs, Pins and Tins

Last week’s sales included a synagogue tag sale, an estate sale and a church sale. The trend seems to be, at some of the larger sales, they pull out what they deem to be “the good stuff” and make a boutique area. This stuff is the high/near eBay priced area. That definitely makes my job harder but they are not always able to grab or see all the “good stuff” so I do my best. At the synagogue sale I did buy one item from the boutique area. It was this pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. She asked $15, I offered $10 and she took it. They have already sold for $49.00. I think what helped them sell was that they were a large size of 11 B. Hopefully, they will fit the buyer. That’s the hard part of selling shoes and clothes.


In the non-boutique area I picked up 3 hats which I don’t sell very often but I see a lot of people selling them online. One is a cap that says Paris France, another cap is from the TV show NYPD Blue and a third hat was a bucket hat from London Fog.

P1290932 P1290936 P1290942

All the hats were $1.

I picked up this cute Japanese Kokeshi dolls. I have sold a few of these before in various styles. They usually sell for me between $10 and $20. I have her up for $17.99. I really like her.


The last item I picked up was a new category for me. It is a fabric remnant. It measures about 5 feet square. I read about people selling fabric and I wasn’t finding much else and I thought the pattern was really beautiful. I think it is upholstery or drapery fabric. In addition, birds seem to be a popular theme.


The next day I went to an estate sale. Everything was super expensive. I was digging in a box and found a girl scout sash that wasn’t priced. When I brought it up to the couple running the sale the man said to the lady “Look this up.” So she pulled out her phone and said “The prices are all over the place. Mostly between $5 and $20.” So he said to me “$20.” And I said “No thank you.” However, as I was leaving i saw an area filled with tins and a sign that said “All Tins $2”. I saw a tin with a rabbit illustration on it that I had picked up and sold several months ago for $30. Not only that but there were 3 of them. So I loaded those into my arms along with another small picnic basket style tin and off I went. Take that couple who looks up stuff on eBay right in front of me and gives me the highest eBay price you see.

P1290990 P1300037

I hope I don’t sound nasty. This is the nature of this activity. I’m sure some people that run estate sales get frustrated with people trying to get low prices for items they are later going to sell for 10x that. Like me.

Later that day there was a preview sale at a church that took me 2 hours to get to in rush hour traffic. It was $5 to get in and I was relieved to see that it was fairly large. There was an expensive boutique area but most of the items in the other area were very cheap so you can guess where I shopped.

The mugs were only 10 cents so I picked up a few. These are the ones that I can sell. I found a Taylor & Ng rabbit mug, a Dunoon mug of a boat scene from Scotland and a fashion themed mug. I’m hoping to get a least $10 for them, maybe $20 for the Taylor & Ng.

P1290991 P1290995 P1300002

All the “good” jewelry was in the boutique area. The rest was marked $1. I picked up this enamel orange flower pin. It seems to be a variation of the enamel flower pins that were popular in the 60’s. My mother had several of them. Most of them are flat but this one is very deep.


I also bought a vintage scrapbook for $.50. I have sold some of these before but never a brown one so I’m not sure about it.


There was a toy room but there was not too much in there. In the boutique area there was a large pile of American Girl doll clothes for $40 and lots of porcelain dolls in boxes with ridiculous prices. Most porcelain doll are not worth anything unless they are truly old or of a particular brand. But again, everything deemed not boutique worthy was priced between $.50 and $1.00. I bought a stuffed dog with a rubber head, a cute international doll with a Scandanavian costume and a hand puppet of Woody from Toy Story.

P1300022 P1300027 P1300052

Lot’s of fun looking through stuff this weekend and lot’s of different items. It’s getting trickier out there! What do you think?

Sales update

Here are some sales from items found in late July:

Plush Rudolph Pepsi figure: $49.99

Caddyshack Gopher: $24.99

Raggedy Ann Jack in the Box: $19.95

Corolle Doll: $19.99

Corolle Baby Doll $19.99

AG Bitty Baby Girl: $39.99

AG Bitty Baby Boy (with cut hair): $19.99

2 Little Einstein Plush dolls: $19.99

Bitty Baby and Teddy: $29.99

Nike Spike Lee Sneakers: $29.99

Vintage flatware: $39.99

Lego platform lot: $49.99

3 responses to “Vintage Toys, Mugs, Pins and Tins

  1. wp2014

    Great eye, as usual. Good job selling those shoes! I’m selling a safari hat too.. Love it when I find quality men’s hats. And those tins are cool. Nice when you can get a few past the estate sales people. They don’t know everything.

  2. masha2633

    All of your items are so interesting! I haven’t found anything so neat in a while – it’s definitely motivating me to get out there and find more treasures! 🙂

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