Vacation Finds, American Girl and a Giant Banana

I tried to visit some tag sales while I was on vacation but only made it to 3 of them. At one I was excited to get a Molly American Girl doll for $15. The last time I saw an American Girl Doll at a tag sale the lady wanted $75. The eBay price. I wonder if she got it. Next to the doll was a pretty box made prettier by the sticker on it which said “American Girl Doll Clothes Entire Box $5.” When I looked inside I saw some stuff that was just regular doll clothes, including one bright yellow hand knitted sweater, but I did see some stuff that was AG so I figured that even if there were only a few items in there it would be OK. It turned out to be pretty good. After sorting I came up with 2 lots of clothes (mostly for Molly) and a Molly mini doll.

P1290872 P1290884 P1290885 P1290887 P1290895 P1290904

After that sale I went to a sale of a man who was a collector or reseller. He had a lot of cool stuff but the prices were pretty high. I picked up this vintage package of doll clothes for Ted or the Dad from the Tammy family. There were 3 packages that were exactly the same. He wanted 5 dollars for each but I only picked up one. I should have picked up all three because it sold quickly for $17.99 plus shipping of $3. Leaving things behind that I should have bought seems to be one of my specialties.


One of the Youtube channels I watch is Texas Gal Treasures and she talked about buying and selling some vintage wrapping paper. I bought 3 pieces at another sale. I think they are fun and cool but they don’t appear to sell too well on eBay. Maybe Etsy is the place to sell them but I don’t have an account there.

P1290909 P1290912 P1290915

The last one is kind of funny. It’s like Back to School wrapping paper for when you give your kids gifts for going back to school? Maybe it can be used to wrap school supplies? I like the Birthday Wrap with the partying Zodiac signs.

After I got home from vacation I visited one tag sale where I picked up this giant (30″) stuffed Bananas in Pajamas. He was $2. They don’t sell as well as they used to but this one is a little different because he is so big.


I hope you all are having lots of fun hitting the sales this summer!!

3 responses to “Vacation Finds, American Girl and a Giant Banana

  1. Haha…back to school wrapping paper?! Now there’s a new one. 😉 As much as I love school supplies, I’d hate to be that poor kid who unwraps a protractor set or something. XD
    Great finds, by the way! That is amazing that you scored a Molly doll for such a great price. And all those clothes…wow. I spotted Molly’s raincoat-probably my one of my favorite outfits of hers!
    And oh, that banana….I just want to hug him. 😀

    • Bananas in Pajamas was another show that my daughter watched and had a talking Bananas in Pajamas. She used to press the button all the time and I would hear that song coming from her room! Yeah- I feel sorry for any back to school supply receiving kid too!!

      • LOL!! I don’t think that show aired where I live, because I’ve never seen it before. But from the stuffed banana alone, it sounds really cute. 😉

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