Dollhouse Dilemma

I love dollhouse and miniatures but sometimes this gets me into trouble. I love to buy them when I see them but they are big, hard to store, hard to wrap and heavy to ship. So I need to control myself more around these items because it is not always worth it. Several months ago I bought a Little Tikes dollhouse at the thrift store. I think it was $7. On it’s own this model can sell for about $25 so I thought I would wait and see if I could find any furniture or figures to go with it. Sure enough, the church sale that I went to where I bought all those dolls had a box full of Little Tikes furniture and people. Each item was $1 so I bought a bunch and will be listing it all together. Unfortunately some of the items are in played with condition with discolorations and fading but I’m still hoping to sell the set for at least $80.

P1290841P1290835 P1290843

Another dollhouse I bought was purchased at the big church sale where I bought the Nike sneakers and the beer T shirt. This is a Calico Critters dollhouse. It needed some serious cleaning and has a part on the bottom where a small piece has broken off. On it’s own, without any figures or accessories, I have seen this style bring about $35. It was only $3 so I picked it up. I don’t know if mine with sell well with the break or if I should hold onto it and look for some figures and furniture to go with it. Again, it takes up a lot of space and will be expensive to ship.

P1290850 P1290852

Last week I was on vacation in Long Island near the Hamptons. I only got to a few yard sales. Many of the yard sales in this area are either crazy expensive, run by people that own an antique store and are trying to sell off some inventory, or run by artists or craftspeople who are trying to sell their art. I found this dollhouse at a sale that seemed to be by people that owned an antique store but since it was the end of the day, I paid a little less than what this was marked at. I paid $8 for this vintage Ideal Petite Princess dollhouse from the 1960’s. I think it is really cool. It only sells for about $30.

P1290861 P1290868

So that is the dollhouse buying rampage I seem to have been on for the last several weeks. I’m going to stop buying them for now.

On the last day of my vacation I did go to a few good yard sales with good prices. I found some vintage doll items and some American Girl items. I will share more after I clean and photograph those items.

6 responses to “Dollhouse Dilemma

  1. masha2633

    I love doll houses so much too! These are all so cute 🙂 I’ve never tried to list them on eBay though because of how difficult they seem to shhip

  2. wp2014

    I know! I have a really rustic antique doll house I’ve been relisting. It was only $5. Thought I would fill it with left over furniture, but I decided to sell it. Well, it would be $45 to ship it to CA. So, I keep lowering the price and it’s on craigslist as well. I think it will be a good candidate for the consignment shop. I sold a couple of them there. I usually just buy the furniture that goes with the house, if the people will let them go. Yeah. No more doll houses.

  3. Dana Rayford

    Hello, I couldn’t leave this page without leaving a message. For whatever reason I have been in search for old dolls from my childhood. I had a dollhouse exactly like this. Brings back so many memories! Thank you for sharing! Dana ( Virginia )

    • I collect dolls from my childhood too. It just brings back those fun times. I have a small collection of Dawn dolls, Flatsy dolls and Finger Ding dolls that are similar to the ones I had as a child. So much fun when you find them!

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