Trying New Categories

Today I went to a fund raiser for a school. I went to this sale last year and strangely enough it seemed to me that some of the items were the same as last year. I wasn’t finding much but then I found a Candyland Castle game in the game area. The last Candyland Castle game that I found several months ago was complete except for one missing blue X. Guess what? This game is complete except for one missing blue X. Isn’t that a coincidence or synchronicity or something? So I’m doing the same thing that I did last time which is to purchase a replacement piece on Ebay so I can complete the game and sell it. The only other item I found in the toy area was this Fisher Price Happy Apple chiming toy which I have sold before and can bring around $20.


I wasn’t finding much else so I starting looking in areas that I don’t usually look in like the hat, tie and scarf area. There were a few very pretty hat boxes but I left them. I found this interesting scarf with an illustration of a jockey on it. If my research is accurate it may be from The 21 Club which is a restaurant which has been around since the 1920’s and they used to give out scarves to some customers. It has some stains and a small hole but it still may have a good value.

P1290788 P1290790


In the luggage area I picked up this Ralph Lauren duffle bag. It is used but still in good condition.


This marble elephant reminded me of the mid century modern F. Mannelli travertine elephant that I picked up at a sale last year. The picture of that piece is in the November 2 2014 post. It certainly has a similar shape but I haven’t seen any other Mannelli pieces in marble so it may just be in his style. I paid $8 for it which was a lot but I am hoping it will sell well.


I think he is meant to hold letters in those slits. He also has two holes on top where pens could go. He’s in good condition too.

Today is Friday and I didn’t have a lot of time for tag sales. I went to three local sales and they were they kind of sales that make me never want to go to a tag sale again. It’s a long story. I think that it’s not that all tag sales are bad of course but that the majority of the sales in my area are not great. That’s why I end up driving so much. Anyway- I will be traveling for a few days so that is all the shopping I can do for now. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!!

2 responses to “Trying New Categories

  1. That’s a nice looking elephant, I hope you do well with it. I had no idea a Happy Apple could bring $20. Glad I have mine.

  2. It is surprising since so many vintage Fisher Price toys have little monetary value any more. Thanks for your comment!!

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