A Dancing Gopher, Dolls and Bags

There was a church sale on Friday with a $10 early bird. That’s a pretty high early bird fee so I was determined to make it worthwhile. I have to believe that some of the other people waiting on line were also pickers but most of them were in and out of there in about 15 minutes. It’s seems they have a category they look for and then they’re done. I was there for about 40 minutes. This time, when I walked back to the toy area I had company. A man next to me swooped up a tub of legos and a sealed lego architecture set before I even saw them. Luckily he was not interested in the plush. I was able to pick up a Caddyshack Gopher, which I have sold twice before, and a vintage promotional Pepsi Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. He is about 20″ tall.



Another promotional item I bought was this Nabisco logo clock in the box. I don’t know if it is new but it is pretty big with a diameter of 12″.


I found this unusual telephone mug. It’s so narrow that I think it would be a better pencil holder than a mug. It was only $1. My mug luck has gotten a little better since I sold the Kliban cat mug for $14.99 and the taxi Starbucks mug for $19.99 so I decided to take a chance.


I found a Raggedy Ann Jack in the Box. It has very pretty vintage style illustrations.


At a small community sale I found this old doctors bag. I’m not sure what people do with these but they seem to sell. This one has a nice vintage look. It was $5.


They also had this tiny Coach bag which is missing the shoulder strap. It’s very worn but kind of sweet. I don’t think it has much value.


In the toy area I found a bag that had some Build a Bear items mixed in with a few American Girl items. This shawl for Kirsten already sold for $14.95 and I just listed it a few hours ago!


On Saturday there was a big charity sale at a church. It was very well organized and kind of strict. We were ordered not to bring anything to the cashier without a price sticker. If we found an item without a price sticker, which they said, was highly unlikely because they had taken great care to price everything, we were to find a volunteer and get a price. Apparently nothing with wheels was allowed into the sale like strollers or shopping carts, because, I guess the aisles were narrow. This poor woman with a shopping cart was practically jumped. “No carts! No carts! You must leave now!!” Yikes.

The doll box said “Dolls $2.” I bought two Corolle dolls. One is a girl with brown hair and one is a cute baby.

P1290681 P1290687 P1290689

My best finds were two American Girl twin Bitty Babies. Unfortunately the boy received a severe haircut which will bring his value down a lot. There were some of their clothes in an adjacent box which were not marked with a price so I dutifully found a volunteer who thankfully priced them at $1 each.

P1290694 P1290706 P1290708

Another doll I picked up was a blonde Annie Little Einsteins doll. I had a June doll that was not worth much on her own so I was hoping to find something to put with her. I am hoping to get $20 for the pair.


Another find I had there was a group of Little Tikes plastic dollhouse furniture pieces. These can be pretty collectible but they need cleaning up first. Lots of listing to do! Hope you are finding fun sales out there!!

4 responses to “A Dancing Gopher, Dolls and Bags

  1. wp2014

    You would have found lots of things at the sale in Fairfield you told me about. It started at 9 and I got there about 9:30, so I wasn’t one of the first in the door. After checking out everything, ended up near the frames, and picked up an antique mirror for $1 and a really large antique engraving of a knight in armor with a beautiful lady, and she is looking at her reflection in his chest. Very romantic and detailed, only $4 because the mat is yellowed. It’s only 150 years old, so you might expect a yellow mat. I have to take it out of the frame and clean it up, then I can list it. Well worth the $1 admission!

  2. I was at that sale on Saturday too! That is where I got all the dolls I was talking about. You have such a good eye for the vintage and antique things! The engraving sounds awesome! I can’t wait to see it! It was a good sale with so much to look at but it did start getting too crowded after a while.

  3. christine

    hi i would
    like to ask if your are willing tomsell tingo the jim he son puppet thanks

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