A Variety of Sales, Part 2

I have finished cleaning and photographing some more of the items from the weekend. I mentioned that I found a Bitty Baby doll at the same sale where I got the Steiff deer. I had a Bitty Bear that I was saving too.


This is the Corolle doll that has already sold for $19.99. People seem to like these dolls that are designed in France.


These are the shoes that I got that I thought were Air Jordans at first. I put them at $29.99 and they have 5 watchers.


At one of the yard sales I went to on Sunday I picked up these Lego base boards. If it wasn’t for the hours of Youtube videos I watch I would never have known to look out for these. Pick them up especially if they have unique shapes or colors.


At this same sale I picked up a Masterpiece game for $1. Unfortunately it is missing the easel piece. If I can find it on Ebay it might be worth picking up to complete the game and be able to sell it.

At another yard sale I went to I bought this Disney Cheshire plush cat and two small sterling silver charms in a bag for $1. One is a pair of tap shoes and the other is a heart locket.


P1290570 P1290574

I went to a terrible sale today. It had a $5 early bird and was at a Historical Society. It was like an antique shop. Everything was expensive. They had some very common Pyrex for $10! Oh well. The weekend is almost here!

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