A Variety of Sales Brings a Variety of Items

The sales this weekend included a church sale, a charity sale and some garage sales. The church sale was extremely organized. It was very large with lots of items and almost every item was priced and nicely placed somewhere. Really I prefer a messy sale because that’s where the best bargains can be found. I bought a lot of things but some items that I thought were great were not worth anything. I couldn’t look them up at this sale because there was no cell phone service which is a very bad thing for me! Many of the items were kind of pricey. The only items that weren’t expensive were the shoes at 50cents a pair and the mugs at 50 cents and that’s where I think I made some profit. In the mug area (don’t ask me why I still buy these – they seem to sell for other people but not for me. I still haven’t sold the cheshire cat or taxi starbucks mugs), I picked up a Kliban cat mug which should sell for about $15.


I picked up a pair of pretty Born sandals which I am also hoping to get $15 out of.


Also in the shoe area I picked up a pair of sneakers that looked like Nike Air Jordans but did not have the Air Jordan logo and had a strange label with sunglasses on it. While I was researching them and beginning to think they were fake, I learned that they were created to tie in with a Spike Lee movie, in Air Jordan colors. I haven’t photographed them yet because I have to get shoe laces for them but I am hoping to get $30 for them.

I picked up a set of flatware which I thought was new in the box but was just put in a box that was labeled a different brand than the pieces inside. I can’t find the pattern anywhere but I think they are older because they are marked Japan. I hope to get something out of them because I paid $15 for them which may have been a mistake! They do have an interesting mid century modernish shape.


For $1 I picked up this vintage T shirt for Guinness Beer. It is still in the original package so it may do well. It has a retro looking illustration.


This is a small figure of a sleepy girl holding her doll. It is marked on the bottom Evans’ Ceramics 74 but I haven’t found out anything on that name. I think it’s cute and vintage looking. She is small at only 3″ tall.


I also picked up a Calico Critters dollhouse for $3 similar to one I have sold before. I have to clean it up before I photograph it.

It was a fun sale with lots of stuff to look through but I don’t think I did that well there.

On Saturday I went to a charity sale and bought this beautiful green women’s army hat. It reminds me of what they wore in the show MASH. It has an eagle badge attached to the front. It was $5. It’s one of my favorite finds of the weekend.


I went to about 4 yard sales and found things to buy at one of them. There were a few dolls – one was a Bitty Baby and there was this Steiff deer. His button and tag are attached with a safety pin but he will still hopefully bring a good profit. I paid $15 for everything I bought at this sale.


I went out again on Sunday morning and went to 4 tag sales. I bought items at two of them. I will do another blog soon to show some of the items that I haven’t photographed yet.

The following is a sales update on some items that have sold.

Bombay Company mini lap desk. Paid $1. Sold $18.99

Vintage doll talking on red phone from recent post. Paid $1. Sold $24.99

Small brown Coach bag. Paid $3. Sold $22.99

Lot of 3 Jurassic Park Dinosaurs. Paid $12. Sold $29.99

Godzilla figure. Paid $2. Sold $9.99

Gorilla bank from last post. Paid $2 or $3. Sold $26.99

Glass Murano fish tank. Paid $5. Sold $39.99

Brown and black signature C Coach bag. Paid $1. Sold $29.99

Pink and white Coach bag. Paid $1. Sold $19.99

Crazy missing eye lashes doll. Paid $.25. Sold $9.99

Bunny Swatch Watch mint in the box. Paid $5. Sold $160.

Those are some of the highlights of the last few weeks. Hope all is going well for everyone out there!!

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