Vintage Toys, Dansk and Getting Lost

I was driving to a large tag sale on Friday. It was advertised as being a big event that people planned their vacations around. Even though it was about 1 1/2 hours away from me, I was intrigued and decided to try to go so I plugged the address into my navigation system. After 1 1/2hours of driving the navigation shows me a picture of a small boat in the corner of my screen where it usually shows me what direction I should be turning next. Sure enough, it was leading me to a ferry. I was pretty sure that I shouldn’t need to take a ferry to get to my destination. The people at the ferry were very helpful and gave me directions to get to the sale. I don’t know where the car wanted to take me because after I got there the navigation was telling me that I was still 20 minutes away. With all that it took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to arrive. It was a good sale but super crowded. They had a toy tent (joy!) where I found a cool vintage box with a Suzy Cute high chair set from 1964. I love to find old toys in their original box, even if it is quite damaged, as this one is. I also picked up a little tin ice cream man wind up toy, a dinosaur Folkmanis puppet, a Jessie doll and a Balto plush dog. The prices here were very cheap.

P1290404 P1290406 P1290408P1290434 P1290439P1290419


On Saturday I went to a small church sale where they had needlecraft kits for 10 cents! I bought 6 of them and 3 are worth selling. They are Christmas themed and cat themed.

P1290443P1290447 P1290454


My best purchase at this sale was this lovely Dansk wooden bowl. It was $10 but I’m hoping to get $100.



On Sunday I was in Long Island by my sister’s house. I am amazed at the number of tag sales that they have. There must have been at least 50 but I only got to 4 of them. These are the 2 best things I bought. One is an old briefcase and the other is this funny plastic gorilla bank from 1971. Not too much time to write this morning so I’ll end now and do a sales update next time!

P1290464 P1290471

2 responses to “Vintage Toys, Dansk and Getting Lost

  1. wp2014

    Great finds! Love the high chair. I have a Jessie doll somewhere too. Think I’ll go find her.

  2. Jessie dolls sell pretty well. Especially the talking ones!

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