Thrift Store and Flea Market Finds

This was a quiet weekend for tag sales due to the holiday. On Sunday I went to a big flea market which is lots of fun to walk around but is not a place to find items for resale. It is more like an antiques show. I always keep my eye out for the dollar boxes and picked up a few items.

The first item I picked up was this vintage doll talking on the telephone. Of course, today, she would be staring at the little rectangular box we all have, but in the day she has a nice bright red telephone. I like the way she kind of looks annoyed at whoever is interrupting her phone call. Once I was trying to get my daughter’s attention when she was texting and she was completely ignoring me. I finally got the idea to text her at which point she finally picked up her head and looked at me.


In another dollar box I picked up this vintage Tonka motorcycle made in Hong Kong.


The last $1 flea market purchase was this cute book that folds out into a dollhouse! It reminds me of something I had as a child. They are only worth money if you have the plastic furniture that goes with it. I’m happy to keep it thou.

P1290381 P1290382 P1290383

I will also mention some items I picked up at the thrift stores recently. This lovely doll is an Adora doll. She was $5 but I’m hoping to sell her for at least $40.

P1290095 P1290098

I found a Teddy Ruxpin. This one is a reproduction from 2006 – not the 80’s version. I was surprised to find at that in this case the repros have some value and I was able to sell this one for $30.


I purchased a $2 bag that included some items from the hair growing dolls Crissy and Velvet from the 60’s? 70’s?

P1290338 P1290342

So far Velvet’s purple dress and shoes have sold for $15. Finally, at my local thrift store, I purchased another glass and brass curio cabinet for $4. This one just sold for $50. It is tricky to pack and I hope it makes it to its destination in one piece!


Hope everyone enjoyed a great holiday!!

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