400 Families

They used to advertise this semi annual sale as a tag sale with over 200 families. Now they say it has over 400 families. I don’t know because it seemed to me that there were a lot of dealers and resellers there. There were some tag sale people there so I tried to pick those people out and shop those sales. The prices were kind of high. I don’t know how much they charge for a spot at this thing but it must be a lot because I think people were anxious to make their money back. Here’s what I bought:

A group of 3 Jurassic park dinosaur figures and a godzilla figure. I paid $14 for all of them together and that was probably too much.

P1290145 P1290149

I picked up a How to Train Your Dragon figure for $2. He will probably only bring $10.


I found this bag of flocked Warner Bros. figures for $5. I thought they would be more collectible then they are. I will try to get $25 for the lot. They are from 1988. I think they are really cute. They are wearing little outfits too.


This pair of Caillou dolls may do well. This is a show my son watched as a child. The girl doll, RosieĀ is a talking doll and is the more valuable of the two.


One area had some dollhouse miniatures. I bought a room box for myself which is a scene of a table and chairs on a terrace with a back room. The box has a sky light so when it sits under a lamp you can see into the back room. There is something magical about it for me. It was $40 but I fell in love!!


I also bought this little display to resell. It is a gazebo and has things that people would store in a garage like gardening tools, painting supplies, a crate of christmas decorations and all sorts of cool things. I believe all the miniatures inside are handmade. Part of me would like to keep it but I will just enjoy it while I have it. I can’t believe how realistic it is. It was $15.

P1290164 P1290165 P1290166

I have had some good sales recently:

TUMI backpack: $50

Brown Coach flap bag: $40

Coach dog: $59 (with free shipping)

Falstaff beer tray: $23 (after several months)

P Buckly Moss print: $44

Harmony Kingdom dog box: $20

Those are some highlights! What are you finding out there?

2 responses to “400 Families

  1. Jarmond Feldspar

    My Dear Doctoress Porter,
    You have once more amassed a passel of items worthy of decorating the tomb of a very immature pharaoh. I was particularly taken with the Caillou dolls, although I don’t know how popular characters celebrating childhood baldness are in our current hair-obsessed culture. I think perhaps if you labeled them as Charlie Brown and his transgendered alter-ego Charleena you might see more of a demand.
    Also please tell all the Fancy Folk, as I imagined your throngs refer to themselves, to view and Like “ZeroOne, – the least drawn comic ever,” a brand new cartoon feature appearing in the pages of Facebook. Well, a page of Facebook. My Facebook page. Just go and look at it.
    Ever yours,
    Jarmond Feldspar

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