A Collective Haul

Since I didn’t get to write about what I bought last weekend, this blog will include this weekend and the last. Last weekend I went to a church sale with a 7:00 early bird. Very early. I picked up this glass fish tank paper weight. I think it is really beautiful. It only measures about 5″ tall. I believe it is Murano based on others I have seen listed on Ebay.


I picked up this Cheshire Cat Disney store mug. It appears to be in great condition. Still haven’t sold the taxi mug from last week. It has 4 watchers.


The pocketbooks were marked, $1 for a large bag and $.50 for a small bag. I found 3 Coach bags in various levels of condition. The best on was this dark and light brown signature bag in excellent condition.


This pink and white one has quite a few marks and dirt on it. Maybe someone can clean it up. I also found a sweet little blue one in fairly good shape with some marks on it.

P1290015 P1290033

When I was checking out the volunteer said “Oh – I didn’t see this Coach bag”. She was looking at the brown one. She didn’t even notice the other 2 that I was buying. I asked if I could come back in to use the bathroom after I put my stuff in the car. I didn’t want to pay the $5 early bird fee again. When I came back, I said – “Hi! I just went to put stuff in my car.” She’s said – “Yes, I remember you. You’re the one that got that Coach bag I wanted.” Oh boy.

I also picked up a Vera Bradley bag. Many people talk about selling them but I don’t usually have good luck with them. This one was in very good condition though so I took it.


I also went to a community sale where people set up tables and sell their stuff. Those can be hit or miss for me. Similar to yard sales, many people put high prices on their items. The one item I bought was this giant (30″) Woody from Toy Story. I have sold quite a few regular sized Woody dolls so I hope I can sell this one too. I put him in the passenger seat with a seatbelt on, on the way home. He is really big. He cost $4 and I’m hoping to sell him for at least $50.


This weekend there was an animal shelter sale with an 8:00 early bird. I didn’t really find too much stuff there that was that great but I did find one thing that made it worthwhile. It is this Swatch watch. It is called Bunnysutra and it features a bunny couple in various amorous position. Others on Ebay seem to be selling for over $100 so I hope mine will do as well. This one comes with the case which is a good thing. Swatch watches can be good, especially the vintage or unusual ones, if they are in good condition. When I was looking at the jewelry, I didn’t have high hopes because the lady said that the night before they had an appraiser there looking at the jewelry, helping them to price it, and buying some of it. I guess he was focusing on the gold and silver pieces. This watch was priced at $5.


At this sale I picked up a Betty Boop wardrobe case with some items inside. There was tons of Betty Boop stuff. A collector must have cleaned out her collection for the sale.


The last item I will mention is this baby book illustrated by Mary Engelbreit. I love her beautiful, detailed illustrations!

P1290060 P1290064

That’s about it for these two weekends. There weather is getting warmer and warmer! I love it!

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