The Coach Lady

This post will be about last weekend. This weekend, although I did get to go out Saturday morning, after I came home I was hit with a terrible bug that put me out of commission for most of the weekend. I didn’t get a chance to take photos or list any of the items from this week. (At least I got to go shopping.)

Anyway, last Saturday I went to one church sale where I picked up a Starbucks mug. I don’t have too much luck with mugs but I should be able to sell this one because it is pretty rare. It is a New York City mug with taxi cabs all over. Unfortunately it also has lines or crazing on it too so it is not in perfect condition. In excellent condition these mugs can sell for $100. We’ll see what happens with mine.


Also at this sale I purchased some needlework kits. I bought 4 for $2 and have already sold 3 of them for $20 with free shipping.

P1280901 P1280903 P1280905

One of the kits was not new in the package and was even started but it was a Dimensions Gold Collection kit. Some Gold Collection kits are very sought after and will sell even if not new in the package. There are a lot of people selling needlework kits now but some can still get a good price.

After the church sale I went to a few yard sales and did well at one of them. At first I didn’t see too much and when that happened I decided to check out the bags. There was a small black Coach bag among the rest and it was $3. Nearby I found another one that was also small but brown and she wanted $3 for it also. When I was looking through the clothing rack ( I don’t buy clothes too often) I spotted a leather jacket and on closer inspection saw that it had a Coach tag! She wanted $8 for that but that seemed like a good deal to me!

P1280863 P1280871 P1280986

I picked up 2 items at the thrift store this week too. One is this Japanese box. I liked it because it has some turquoise on the lid and a peach interior.

P1280966 P1280972

The other purchase was a ceramic box to store playing cards in. It is marked Sybil Connolly for Tiffany & Co.

P1280982 P1280983

I guess it was a box kind of day. That’s all for now. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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