A Vintage Doll Yard Sale

I don’t often do very well finding things at regular tag sales. I usually have to hit about 10 before I find one where I can buy a few things. Well, this, I guess, was number 10. This was a sale that I just ran into on the Monday of Memorial Day Weekend while I was out running errands. There were lots of clothes on tables and lots of newspapers spread out from historic dates. I didn’t think I would find anything. Then I spotted a box that looked about half full. The first thing I saw was a Tammy doll. She was wearing a torn dress but she seemed to be in good condition.

P1280791 P1280792

Beneath her was a box for Tammy clothes. Unfortunately the clothes were not in the box but all the accessories for the outfit were still attached to the box. It’s great if you can find vintage items new in the box. I don’t know how great it is when you find an opened box with only some of the items still there. I’ll let you know after the auction. I still thought it was pretty cool.


I also uncovered, in this box, a Liddle Kiddles heart pin with a tiny doll inside and another Liddle Kiddles doll. I loved these when I was little. My favorites were the ones that came in the perfume bottles.


These have already sold together for $19.99

There was a second box to look through. In it there was this Howard Johnsons children’s menu from 1967. It is interesting to see the prices and menu items from back then. Strained baby food is available for your convenience!

P1280787 P1280788 P1280789

There are some collectors of vintage menus.

I think the best find was this Flower Darling doll which I never heard of before, but she was still in her box.


I just love the old graphics!

One more thing that I bought there was a Kennedy election hat. Surprisingly it was not worth very much. I sold it for $12. I may have been able to get a little more but I only paid $10 for everything I bought at the sale, so the hat sale paid for it all.


So my faith in yard sales is renewed!!

One response to “A Vintage Doll Yard Sale

  1. Oh, cool! I love old menus too. šŸ˜‰ I took a look, and just for the record I would choose the “London Bridge” for lunch and the “Pieman” for breakfast. šŸ˜‰

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