A Coach What?

I didn’t get to many tag sale this holiday weekend. I was having fun at my sister’s house but I did visit the thrift store last week and I saw an item that made me do a double take. It was in the toy area and was a stuffed dog with a surprising pattern. It had large letter C’s all over it’s body. It is a Coach dog! He is very fancy with a red leather collar and plaid jacket complete with leather Coach emblem. He seems to sell for between $50 and $75.


I found two other toys at the thrift store. One is this Play-Doh set featuring R2-D2. I am hoping to get around $25 for it. The second item was a Calico Critters Lambrook Sheep family new in the box. For $3 I knew I could make a profit on it.

P1280702 P1280706

Last week at one of the school rummage sales that I talked about I purchased a large lot of Littlest Pet Shop figures. They were hiding all over the sale so I tossed them into a bag whenever I saw one and ended up with about 40 which I think I paid about $5 for. Only two have any good value individually. They are a dachshund and this purple dog.


The others I will try to lot up in groups to sell.

From the few tag sales I went to the only items I found were this lot of Speak and Spell and Speak and Math toys. I couldn’t get the Speak and Spell to work but my husband was able to clean the battery contacts and now it works great!


Every year the Jewish center has a sale on Friday, Saturday and Sunday on Memorial Day weekend. Since I visited on Sunday I challenged myself to see if I could find anything to resell. I found this pair of walnut bookends that I think are mid century modern. I picked up this nice fanny pack and I also found a Sandra Boyton Father’s Day mug. I paid $2 for all so we’ll see if I can sell any of it!

P1280737 P1280754 P1280760

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! Summer is on its way!!

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