Vintage Easter, Christmas plus Mohair plush!

I found a lot of vintage holiday items this week. I went to a sale on Friday, after work, that started at 9:00 so my expectations were pretty low. It was a fund raiser for a church chorale group and it turned out to be pretty small but what I found was a box of craft supplies and some figures that I recognized as Erzgebirge from Germany. These are small, detailed wooden figures. Most of the items seemed to be for Easter. I bought the box for $5 and spent about an hour sorting everything out. Many of the pieces were unfortunately broken, but below is what I ended up with.

P1280578 P1280586 P1280592 P1280595 P1280597 P1280601

My favorite is probably the rabbit on the scooter. The plush rabbits and chicks I picked up at a different community sale.

At another sale I went to for a school, I found some vintage Christmas items. I think the coolest but kind of creepiest find was this set of Santas, most of which are playing instruments. I also found some angels playing instruments. They look like more Erzgebirge to me but may just be in that style.

P1280662 P1280682

I don’t know if I will have any luck selling these items now because Easter and Christmas couldn’t be further away.

Most of my finds for the weekend came from two school sales. One was at a Middle School and the other was for an elementary school. Needless to say, there were a lot of toys to search through. Here are some of the pick ups.

Mini Knickerbocker mohair plush animals. One is a bear and one is a seal. They measure only 4″ tall and I think they are very sweet.

P1280606 P1280609

I also bought this teddy bear by a company called Kallisto. I think he looks very well made and vintage.


I found this Bunnykins figurine by Royal Doulton. She is only about 3″ tall and is making a chain of flowers. More rabbits!!


One more find was this vintage card game called Tryce. It is from 1970. I never heard of it before but since it was still in its plastic wrap I took a chance on it. I like the graphics of the cover.


That’s it for me. I have a lot of listing to do! I hope you are enjoying the abundance of sales out there!!


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