The Parade of Dolls Continues and Some Jewelry Finds!

I can’t believe that in my last post I mentioned that it was 35 degrees while I was waiting for one of the sales and today, 8 days later, it is 81 degrees! Pretty crazy but I’ll take it.

Last week I attended a large community sale and a few church sales. I got to the community sale about 1 hr early because it is a very heavily attended sale but my friend was there so the time flew by! This sale has a toy tent which was were I found most of my purchases. The best item I got was a doll (another one). She has super thick eyelashes and a beauty mark on her cheek. At first I thought it was a dirt spot and tried to scrape it off with my nail. Luckily, I was unsuccessful because that would have ruined her. She is from the 1960’s and she is a Furga doll from Italy. Last year I sold two very small Furga dolls for $10 each. They were about 6″ tall. This doll is 17″ tall. You can recognize Furga dolls by their extraordinary eyelashes. She is very mod in her hairstyle and her clothing. This one came with some extra clothes too.

P1280432 P1280444

I purchased a large plastic Donkey Kong figure which unfortunately has a lot of marks on him.


I have not had good luck selling mugs but when I saw this oversized Disney mug I decided to take a chance on it. I love the retro colors.


On the way home from this sale I saw a small church was having a sale. They had a very small sign out in front and it didn’t look like many people had been there. There was not too much stuff but there was a $1 jewelry table. I don’t really look at jewelry much at the bigger sales because it is always so crowded at those tables. I picked up 2 nice pieces. One is this pendant watch shaped like a ball. It was in its original box and it is by Bucherer. It sold very quickly for $49.99.


The other item I bought was this butterfly bracelet. It had a mark on it that I couldn’t read but for $1 I took a chance with it. When I got it home I saw that the mark said Symmetallic Sterling. So, hopefully that will sell too.


Earlier in the week I attended another church sale that started on Thursday night. My best find there was a group of vintage Strawberry Shortcake dollhouse furniture. Unfortunately 3 of the pieces have issues (missing parts) but they should still do well. I think they are very cute. I would have loved these when I was little. I still love them.


I also picked up this vintage train case. It is blue with a purple lining. It is very worn but hopefully someone will want it. I see a lot of people selling this size of vintage suitcase.

P1280387 P1280395

It comes with 2 keys that I thought I had locked inside the case. The case was open when it was displayed and I closed it to see if the latches worked and then I thought – hmm, maybe I should have taken the keys out before I did that. So all the way home I was figuring out how to ask my husband if he could pick the locks for me but when I got home he opened it just by sliding the barrel over. Apparently it is not locked unless you lock it with the key. Whew!

Those are the highlights of my adventures for the week! I hope you are finding exciting stuff out there and enjoying the good weather!!


One response to “The Parade of Dolls Continues and Some Jewelry Finds!

  1. Wendy

    Wow, you hit the jack pot at the little church sale! Who knew!

    My mom has a suitcase like that with her initials on it. It’s from the 1940s. Love the furniture!

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