Mid Century Modern, Dolls and Bags

This was another busy sales weekend. There were quite a few sales on Saturday but there is only one that you can go to first. I always do best at sales that I am able to get to early. On Saturday morning I went to a big Boy Scout sale. I got there about 1/2 hour before they opened for the $10 early bird and even though it is the end of April, it was 35 degrees. But thought of shopping for treasures kept me warm enough. I found a few mid century pieces on the $1 table. I picked up a set of teak coasters, a metal horse sculpture and my favorite item from the table, an elephant toothpick holder.

P1280135 P1280143 P1280148

There was also this pretty little vase. I really like the shape and the geometric pattern. I also got this cute pin cushion. It has a little cherub on the side, possible to hold a thimble. It seems pin cushions can be collectible.

P1280157 P1280219

I only picked up a few items from the toy area. The first was this gold colored mascot from the 2012 Olympics. He seems to go for about $15.


I got this Hello Kitty plastic box which has already sold for $15.00. It is from 1989. Older Hello Kitty items can sometimes do well. Me and my sister were big collectors when we were young.


I found a doll with a very pretty face. She is a Gotz doll and although she has a few issues she may sell well.


In the interest of trying to buy in new categories, I bought this cowboy hat for $4. It has a mark on the inside that says CBS Super Bowl. It may have been some kind of promotional item? I don’t know. You don’t see many people wearing these where I live but maybe someone from Texas will like it!


I picked up two briefcase bags. The first is a pretty straightforward black leather bag.


The second item was my crazy buy of the weekend. It is so worn and old. It had the name Jack Georges inside, which is a good name but this piece is really – I mean this piece is loaded with character!!


Maybe some artist would like to paint it or someone can use it for a prop!

I picked up some “lots” of items this week as well including some Playmobil, doll clothes and needlecraft kits. I will blog about them after I get them sorted out. I may have bit off more than I can chew but after such a long winter it feels like time to build up inventory!

One response to “Mid Century Modern, Dolls and Bags

  1. Wendy

    Nice finds! Love the elephant. I did the opposite this weekend and participated in a group tag sale at the church. It was fun getting rid of the old inventory, that I’m so tired of. Lots of empty bins in the attic, which I’m going to try not to fill. Let you know how I did in the fall!

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