Pyrex, Coach, Fisher Price and a Mystery Vase

This was a busy weekend for sales. I attended 6 in all. The first 2 were moving sales on Long Island where my sister lives. At the first sale I bought this Disney Action Viewer kit. It came with 5 movies which I thought were Disney but it turns out they were baseball coaching movies taught by famous baseball players! At first I was disappointed but after I researched them I was happy again because they seem to sell.


The other item I purchased at this sale was this charming Mistress Mary (from the nursery rhyme) tin watering can. Unfortunately it has some missing paint spots but I love the illustration on it. It looks nice in the cabinet with my other red items. Just sayin’.


At the second sale I bought this glass vase. It is very heavy and pretty. There is a silver sticker on the bottom. It’s hard to read but I think it says Wieseler and Mahler, which didn’t help me research it. It seems to be very high quality. I’ll put it up for auction and see what happens. It only cost $1 so it was worth a gamble.


Friday night there was a church sale with an early bird and they were giving numbers out. I got there about 1/2 hour before it started and got number 71. Oy. But it turned out OK. I got a few items from the toy area. I found this Fisher Price Adventure People lot which includes 2 sky divers with their parachutes. I first picked it up because I recognized the green van but I didn’t know why all this material was wadded up inside. I thought – oh goody – some one stuffed a handkerchief in there but fortunately it was 2 parachutes attached to 2 figures.


I bought this vintage doll because she has a sweet face but she is in very poor condition.


From the plush pile I pulled this Tyco Kitty Kitty Kitten. It purrs when you hold it. My daughter and her cousin had them when they were little and now they are collectible. They don’t require any batteries. I think it has an adorable face!


There was a large ziploc bag filled with Wild West themed toys. I wasn’t sure what would be in it but since everything was relatively inexpensive I bought it. After I looked at it at home it had the following items:

A pair of stagecoach/covered wagon vehicles


A group of three small Lone Ranger figures


And an old cast iron Native American on a horse figure


After the toy area I went to the main room which had kitchenware, decorative items and collectibles. There I picked up this Alice in Wonderland salt and pepper shaker set. I don’t think it is new but it is still in the original box. Alice in Wonderland has a big following. This set features the Cheshire Cat and the Dormouse.

P1280013 P1280015

On Saturday I went to 3 sales but only found a few items. I think my best find was this vintage Coach purse which was hiding in a pile of handbags.


My other purchase from this sale was a pretty black and white Pyrex bowl in the Gooseberry pattern.


The last sale that I went to was a fundraiser for a nursery school. It looked like they had a lot of toys in the beginning but I didn’t get there until late. The only thing I picked up was this bunny lovey/security blanket. I read somewhere that these can sell and since it was in a free box I got it. It is very soft.


Those were the highlights of my shopping adventures! Hope you had some great finds!!

2 responses to “Pyrex, Coach, Fisher Price and a Mystery Vase

  1. Jodi Spencer

    You really accomplish a lot in 48 hours! It seems like you are off to a great start to the tag sale season. I cant wait until we can go together to a couple.

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