Vintage Dolls, Toys and Vikings

No matter what I do I always seem to come back to the toys to buy and sell. There was a church sale about an hour away from my house on Saturday morning. I went and decided that I would try to look at housewares, kitchen items and other collectibles first. On that first pass all I picked up was a white glass scotty dog Avon perfume bottle. Then I said, in my head, forget this and made a bee line over to the toy area. There I found an adorable vintage My Child doll. These dolls have soft fabric faces and bodies and big beautiful eyes. I have sold a few before. Even in poor condition they can bring around $20. This one is in very good, clean condition.

P1270924 P1270926

There was an old Playmobil space station which I had never seen before. It looked pretty cool but was missing the top, I found out. It came with 2 astronaut figures so hopefully that will add some value.


There were several vintage Fisher Price toys there. I bought a few but only this airplane has any value. I really like the turquoise color and it is in very good condition. Many Fisher Price toys that used to be valuable have become common on Ebay.


From the thrift store this week I found two wooden items both which said Norge on them. I have learned that this means Norway! The first item was this miniature (4″) wooden chair which I love. It is decorated with flowers which are wood burned into it and then painted. It is a kind of decoration call Rosemaling.


I bought it for $3 and put it in my store for $19 and it sold the next day!

On a nearby shelf at the thrift store I found this wooden plate featuring a Viking ship. It also said Norge and had a similar wood burned design.


Another thrift store purchase was this reproduction Falstaff Beer advertising tray. I think it is a good barware/man cave item.


The last 2 items came from a $2 bag at the thrift store. It was filled with doll clothes and I spotted some metal snaps so I thought it might be worth checking out. After I sorted through it I found these 2 items to sell. One is a sheer Barbie doll night gown from 1966. The second item is a Skipper dress from an outfit called Triple Threat. The complete outfit has about 6 pieces to it and can sell for over $100. Maybe I can sell mine to someone who is piecing the set together.



That is about it. The weather is finally turning nice again! It feels wonderful and is great for strolling around yard sales!

2 responses to “Vintage Dolls, Toys and Vikings

  1. Wendy

    Yeah, spring is here! Love the platform shoes on the Playmoble astronaut!

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