Tag Sale Season Stalls Out

Sales? Tag Sales? Anyone got a sale going on? Well, after a few good weeks of sales not much was going on in my area at all. There was one small sale at a historical society. I couldn’t go until after I got out of work but I was determined to find something. I picked up a set of vintage yellow buttons still on the card and sealed.


I couldn’t test for bakelite because I didn’t want to open the package and it doesn’t look like it would have made a great difference in the value and I don’t think they’re bakelite. The other item I bought was a vintage set of Parker pens. Actually, one is a mechanical pencil and one is a fountain pen. I couldn’t figure out the fountain pen at first but after I got it home I realized you have to pull off the silver end to see the nib. The pen and pencil were wrapped in clear plastic when I bought them so I think they are unused. The plastic wrap on the pen fell off because it was so brittle.

P1270794 P1270799

I purchased a few other small items and paid $5 for everything.

I bought one item at the thrift store this week and that was this Beauty and the Beast talking mirror. The white version can sell for up to $50 but this is a pink one that I can’t find listed anywhere.


When you press the button a character lights up and it talks to you.

I had some good sales last week including the following:

Hockey pin set: $34

Egyptian doll: $49

Scooby Doo: $24

Beatrix Potter Mr. Jackson Toad: $29

Raggedy Ann and Andy: $23

Hope you are having lots of sales where you are!


5 responses to “Tag Sale Season Stalls Out

  1. Wendy

    No sales around here. Had to drive to Bridgeport and may have spent too much at an estate sale…but we’ll see. How do you test for bakelite?

    • You have to get a bottle of 409. You spray some in a bowl and get some on a Q-tip. Then you rub the Q-tip on the item with a little pressure. If the Q-tip turns yellow it is bakelite! Anything good at the estate sale?

      • Wendy

        thanks for the recipe! I ended up with a batch of vintage/antique items for 32. I got a set of “norway” mid century modern candle holders, that I need to clean the surface rust off. I think those could fetch $50. I sold some bakelite handle knifes, so that’s 1/3 of the money back, got 12. Got 6 milk glass goblets worth about 10, vintage ice skates in the box which could go for $25, but I have to clean the blades. Pewter serving fork and knife, not in good condition (I’ve go to watch that). My favorite find was a set of 6 antique fork, knives and spoon with gold plating made in france…pretty decent condition…I have it listed. Some vtg xmas ornaments, which I can’t sell till fall. 2 looney toons vests (it looked like one, but had another inside when I opened it). Saw the same vest listed for 15, but it didn’t sell. So maybe 10 each on those. Can’t wait for minks to sinks!

      • Sounds like a lot of great stuff!!

  2. The buttons are great, and I love the mirror. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays.

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