A Favorite Find and Sale Number Three

I was delighted to spot a large green Catherineholm bowl at my thrift shop this week. It is my favorite find of the week, probably of the whole month. It was $10 but it was in good condition so I was happy to pay it!


Since it is not the one of the colors I collect I am hoping to sell it and buy a piece in red or orange for my cabinet. There were two pieces of yellow Dansk at the thrift store also but they were in such bad shape that I sadly left them behind.

I did also pick up this Voss butter warmer. It is from Denmark. I have never found this brand before. It has a nice wooden handle and is quite heavy. I also like the deep blue color.


I found this Fitz and Floyd cat vase which I think is very sweet. I love the soft colors.


The last thing I bought at the thrift store was this vintage doll. She has a very 60’s hairdo and metal snaps on her clothing. I don’t know what kind of doll she is. Unfortunately her face is very faded and splotchy. I am putting her up at auction with a $9.99 starting price. Maybe someone will know what kind of doll she is.



Today is Sunday and I went to a rummage sale at a Temple. There was a $.50 entry fee and the lady only charged me $5 for everything I bought. There can be a big difference between thrift store prices, where I often pay between $4 and $7 an item, and rummage sale prices where you can often buy an item for $1 or even less. I picked up a box of Rokenbok building toy pieces. I don’t know much about this set so I am selling it all together. Some of these sets can sell pretty well.


I picked up a bag of Playmobil stuff and after I sorted it out found this group of figures from the Victorian Doll House set.


I picked up this pair of vintage Wild West dolls.


I also found a vintage toy phonograph which plays 45’s but I haven’t tested or photographed it yet.

I had some good sales last week.

Light up globe: $54

Playmobil Egyptian lot: $49

BMW bear: $19

Candy Land Castle game: $44

Bear in sleeping bag puppet: $9.99

I’m so happy that the tag sale season has begun!!


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