The Sale That Almost Wasn’t

I was planning to go to a sale on Saturday however, it began to snow Friday night and there was snow in the forecast for Saturday as well. The weather here doesn’t seem to know that it is spring according to the calendar. I thought for sure that this sale would be cancelled but it was held anyway. Yeah! It was advertised as a children’s sale so I was hoping to find some toys to resell but there was also a table of knick knacks where I was able to pick up a few things.

I found a Candy Land Castle matching game like the one I sold over the summer. I think that one sold for $40. However, when I got home and looked at the pieces, one was missing. I am purchasing the missing piece off ebay for $5. I think it is worth it to complete the game. Probably the best find I had, even though I had to pay $8 for it, was a lot of Playmobil pieces from the Egyptian sets. Some of the pieces sell pretty well individually, but I am lotting up the whole group.

P1270690 P1270691

As for dolls, I found an American Girl doll mini who I did not recognize at first but after researching found out that her name is Ruthie and she is a friend to the doll Kit. These dolls are 6″ replicas of the 18″ versions.


I priced her at $14 and she sold within an hour of listing her.

This doll was a mystery to me but he had an unusual face and after I researched him I found out he is Brandon from the Winx Club which has something to do with fairies. He may sell for about $10.


I picked up two plush items. The first is this BMW bear by Gund still in a sealed bag. He is wearing a blue sweater with a BMW logo on him. I also found a huge Scooby Doo. He may be a bear to ship though. The plush items were $2 each.

P1270684 P1270704

On the small table of knick knacks where everything was marked 50 cents I picked up 3 items. The first is a Hello Kitty Yankee Baseball figurine that was a give away on one of the game days. The second is a Beatrix Potter figure named Mr. Jackson, made in England by Beswick pottery. The third is a set of Raggedy Ann and Andy figures. None of these will make a fortune but for the price they were worth it.

P1270650 P1270658 P1270666

Well, those are the highlights of what I found at sale number 2 so far this year. I paid $31 for everything because there was a $10 early bird. It kind of makes me nuts when they do such a high early bird at a sale where there was a preview sale the night before for the volunteers, cause you’re not really the early birds then, are you?

Hope you are enjoying the spring that doesn’t feel like spring yet and that situation is making me a little grumpy.

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