First Sale of 2015

I was way too excited for the first sale of the year which was a church charity sale. It’s been a long cold winter and this feels like a sure sign that spring is moments away. This church sale had a $5 early bird and the tables were organized by price so there was a $20 table, $10, $5, $3, $2, $1, $.50 and $.25. In the center was a big table with toys. That was the area that interested me the most. The first thing I picked up was a vintage doll that was wrapped in tape with some clothes that turned out to not go with her. She was a Suzy Sunshine doll with a mess of hair and in the end not, worth the work it would have taken to try to fix her up. I found a kangaroo puppet with a tag that said Jim Henson but one of the eyes had been replaced by a button – so again – no value. Next I picked up this small doll which is a Tiny Terry doll by My Toy Co., from 1966. She seems to be pretty collectible and she has her original outfit.


I don’t know why this was on the toy table but there was this globe light. It’s pretty cool and it works but it is quite discolored. I mean it has a nice vintage patina!

P1270601 P1270608

Also on the toy table was this wooden rod puppet from Indonesia. I thought that this could have some decorative value.

P1270609 P1270612

My favorite find was my most expensive purchase – from the $5 table. It is a set of 3 wooden egg cups from Italy. I love their pastel colors and I think they are very sweet. They don’t have great value but I like them.


Another vintage find, also for some reason on the toy table, was this cute football figure.


From the $1 table I bought this Folkmanis bear in a sleeping bag puppet. I don’t think this will bring more than $10.


There is usually no time at a sale like this to look anything up but fortunately most of the items are inexpensive so it’s OK to take a chance and just go with your gut. I’m not going to make a fortune but it was just fun to be looking through masses of stuff again.

I had two interesting finds from the thrift store earlier in the week. The first was a Dansk oil and vinegar set. I have not been able to find a similar one online anywhere.


The second find was a Global Friends doll dressed as an Egyptian in a lovely outfit. I think that her face is very pretty and she is made of a hard vinyl that has the look of porcelain.

P1270594 P1270598

The following are some sales from last week:

Mr. Machine: $45

Corolle ballerina doll: $18

Duplo Snow White set: $19

American Girl horse: $34

Have sales started where you are? Happy treasure hunting!!


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  1. Tickey

    is you bear in blue bag available?
    If so please contact me at

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