Vintage Dolls, Toys and a Prop for TV!

This has been an interesting week of finds and sales. I had the opportunity to visit my favorite thrift store twice at odd times. One was early in the morning when I got an unexpected break from work. The second time was after I went out to dinner with my husband at my favorite restaurant which happens to be five minutes from my favorite thrift store. That’s not why I like the restaurant. Really. I think.

During the evening stop I saw this big eyed doll. Big eyed things are regaining popularity since that movie came out about the artist that painted the big eyed children in the 60’s. Also there are those big eyed Blythe dolls which are worth a fortune. When I first saw this doll I thought that someone had colored in her eyes with a Sharpie marker but on closer inspection saw that she was created that way. The mark on the back of her neck said Vogue Doll 1965. She is called Love Me Linda and apparently was made to mimic the figures in the Keane paintings that came out around the same time.

P1270511 P1270514

Unfortunately she is missing a lot of hair in the back but she has her original dress which is good.

The second item I found that night was really meant to be a keeper. I absolutely fell in love with it and think that I had this when I was young or a friend of mine did. It is right up my miniature lovin’ alley. It is a wooden apple with a miniature tea set inside. It even comes with a table! Swoon! It was marked $2.

P1270501 P1270504

Unfortunately, making money is also up my alley and so I put it up and it sold within a few days for $40.

My early morning visit yielded this Mr. Machine toy which rolls and whistles when you wind him up. I think he is great looking but not really too rare.


Next up are a few vintage office supplies. One is a heavy metal open Rolodex. The second is a green phone book with a cute graphic of a rotary phone on the front. I think this could be neat for a smash or altered book project.

P1270534 P1270540

I have had a few sales this week. I sold my first prop! This item was in a bag that I bought for the cat frame that was in it. This was a leather photo album. It was unused and in nice condition so I thought I would put it up at a low price. It sold in about a week to someone from NBC who is going to use it for a prop in a TV show. How about that!


After a few months the camera backpack sold for $44.

The purple N64 controller sold for $13.

A Toy Story Woody doll that I paired up with a Bullseye horse sold for $25.

The photo album prop sold for $12.

Still counting down to tag sale season!


One response to “Vintage Dolls, Toys and a Prop for TV!

  1. wp2014

    Love the teapot apple! That is an unusual find. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for the big eyed dolls, too. Well, spring should get here anytime now…as I look out the window watching the snow fall. Last one I hope! Thank for sharing!

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