Some Finds, Some Sales and Looking Forward to Spring

Winter marches on with freezing cold temperatures here in the northeast but the earth keeps turning and spring is on the way! I have found a few things at the thrift store. The first item I will mention came from my local thrift store about the time I found the vegetable dolls. It needed some cleaning before I could photograph it. It is a mid century modern salt cellar by artist Emil Milan. The previous owners actually used it to serve salt so there was some damage there that my husband was pretty successful in repairing. It has a very cool mid century modern shape. I am hoping it will bring over $50.


I stopped at the Goodwill last week and found this pretty bear with a tag for Carolsue Designs. Her bears seem to sell on ebay and I think this one was especially pretty with the green and white dress. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!


I found this little Tow Mater in a $3 bag at the thrift store. He is unusual and I’m hoping to get about $15 for him.


This next item is a vintage Japanese Kutani vase which I had never heard of before. Some of them sell well on ebay and some of them don’t sell at all. I am putting it up for auction with a low starting price. It’s pretty with reddish brown and gold coloring.


Finally, I found a set of 6 retired Stampin’ Up instrument stamps. The set was $6 which is a lot for me. I am going to try to sell the stamps individually.


I have had some good sales recently.

Pair of vegetable head dolls: $86 each to the same buyer

Pomegranate tray: $39

Oversized chess pieces: $34

Ralph Lauren pillowcases: $24 with free shipping

Moving truck stamp: $19

I am actually starting to see some dates for spring tag and rummage sales popping up online. Yeah!!

2 responses to “Some Finds, Some Sales and Looking Forward to Spring

  1. Podnar Diamante

    I meant to respond to your last post but was unable due to legal exigencies which I am not at liberty to discuss. I am frankly not at liberty to do much at present, serving as I am a small and COMPLETELY unjustified sentence in a mid-security Bahamian men’s club. To show how important your site is to me, I have exchanged this week’s shampoo ration for eight minutes of internet time just so I could comment on your recent acquisitions.
    Firstly, I was particularly taken by the vegetable headed dolls, which I am pleased to see have garnered you such a generous profit. Ironically, my cell-mate, Flemule, finds himself here for having created very similar curios, only instead of vegetables for heads he used fruits, and instead of cotton batting for stuffing he used un-cut Honduran cocaine. The price artists must pay for their choices!
    I also enjoyed the mid-century Emil Milan salt cellar, with it’s adorable spoon that could be so easily concealed inside a gift box of various loose spices. Do you think it might be able to dig through some very old humidity-weakened concrete? I only ask in regard to a chapter-quiz from an on-line contracting course I am taking.
    Well, I must bring this missive to a close as I can detect from the gentle impacts of the attendant’s truncheon on the backs of my legs that my eight minutes are nearly up. I look forward to the next fresh NEFAF episode, and hopefully to responding to it without the prerequisite of a nasal cavity search.
    Podnar Diamante

  2. Hi, I’m visiting from Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. What an interesting design for a salt cellar. You have a good eye. Good luck with your sales!

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