Dolls With Vegetables For Heads

So I went to my local thrift shop and saw these funky looking dolls. One had a tomato for a head and one had a turnip for a head. I thought “weird looking” and walked past. When I got home I researched them and they are from the 1950’s, from Italy and very collectible! The next day that the shop was opened I went and bought them both and now I think they are charming and not weird.


While I was there I picked up this moving truck rubber stamp which looks like it can sell for about $20. I think people use it for moving announcements. It’s very cute.


Some rubber stamps can be very valuable.

I bought one toy at my favorite thrift store this week. It is this Snow White set.


On Saturday there was a $6 bag sale at a local church for clothes. I have been listening to the Scavenger Life podcasts and they talk a lot about going to bag sales and getting many items at very low cost per item. I thought I would give it a try although I generally don’t like to sell clothes. I bought this barn jacket with a logo from a pump supply company on it. I think it’s a nice jacket but I don’t know if anyone wants a staff jacket from a pump company. I couldn’t really find too much. I didn’t get there first thing either which may have been a problem. As I was waiting to pay I saw this Babar wall hanger on the cashiers table. When I asked about it she said it was $2 so I bought it and think it will do well.

P1270228 P1270234

After weeks of almost no sales I did sell the following items:

Pepe Le Pew and Penelope plush: $19.99

American Girl Doll mini Julie: $9.99

Monster Troll dolls: $12.95

Hey Diddle Diddle Tiffany bank: $24.95

Abraham Lincoln doll: $31.50

I hope this means that sales will pick up in February.

Happy thrifting!!


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