Desperate times call for desperate thrifters

I don’t know what the title of this post means really. It’s just that it’s very cold here with lots of snow days, school delays and bad driving weather. I am cocooning in my home, on the couch under many blankets. Or hibernating, or becoming a hermit. One of those. I venture out to go to work, or the grocery store or, of course the thrift store! I like selling on ebay because you can do it at home which is really perfect for this time of year.

So, here’s what I bought this week! This is a heavy horseshoe shaped ashtray marked Victory.


This is a vintage glass display case. I have had some luck selling rectangular display cases like this but have never found one with this shape before. I had one when I was a child and used it to display miniatures.


I finally got around to listing this Corolle doll which I picked up last summer. These dolls have pretty faces and can sell for $20+.


I found this snail planter. It looks kind of mid century modern to me but it is not marked.


Actually this snail reminds me of how my sales have been this month.

I found this cool backpack with graffiti style artwork on it from Ecko Unlimited.


My favorite find this week is this wooden deer or antelope sculpture. I think it’s beautiful. It is marked Handmade in Norway. It’s from Goodwill for $4.


I have heard that the thrift stores have lots of inventory this time of year because so many people make resolutions to clear out clutter. That’s great news for us!!

4 responses to “Desperate times call for desperate thrifters

  1. wp2014

    Nice mid-century modern deer..and from Norway! Home run! Good eye.

  2. I love mid century style. I grew up in the 60’s so I think it makes me nostalgic!

  3. dearwatsonblog

    loooove the glass display case! i have never seen anything like it on my thrifting adventures.

  4. They are great for displaying tiny things. Keep an eye out for them – they pop up once in a while!

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