Thrifting the Winter Away

I visited a few thrift stores this week. One is a Goodwill that I don’t visit much because I don’t usually find anything there and the prices are high. This time the first thing I spotted was this American Girl Doll horse on the top of a shelf. I don’t think they knew what it was because they probably would have marked it higher. I bought it for $8 which I think still leaves enough for a good profit. There was another AG horse right next to this one but it was in bad condition so I left it.


Now, I should have left the store at this point, but I didn’t and went on to make a $12 mistake. I bought a piece of artwork by an artist that I recognized. His name is McKnight. I thought the piece was a print but it turn out to be a page from an art book that someone had framed. I have read about several people finding good items in the art section and was motivated to give it a try. Didn’t work.

A few days later I went back to my favorite thrift store to get an item that I had passed on the first time. The item wasn’t there but instead I found two things from the toy area.

The first is this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 11″ figure. He comes with 2 weapons so I hope that will help him to sell. He is a new model, not a vintage one, which sell better – especially with weapons. He was pretty pricey at $7.


The other toy I picked up there was a Jurassic Park T Rex which turns out to be on the rare side. I have had good luck with Jurassic park dinos before. You can usually tell them by the JP printed on the side of their leg. I am going to ask $50 for this one. He cost $5.


Next it was onto my local thrift store where, again, I don’t often find much. I think the women who work there either do ebay themselves or sell good stuff to a dealer. Everything there is on mega sale this time of year. I saw this backpack in the bag section. I checked it out and it appeared to be a Tamrac backpack for a photographer with special padded sections for all your lenses and stuff. It was 75% off $8 so I took it and hope it will sell well.

P1270083 P1270085

After looking around some more I found this bank for $1.50 which I recognized because I found one before. It is marked Tiffany and Co. on the bottom. When I brought it up to check out the lady looked at it and said “Oh – I bet they didn’t realize what this says on the bottom.” And she made some kind of a joke like she was going to charge me $100 for it. Ha ha. Not funny.


Well today is a very snowy day in New England. Great for blogging and listing! Hope you are enjoying the winter so far!

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