Thrifting and an Indoor Tag Sale!

I had a couple of thrift store finds I would like to share with you. I went to the same thrift store twice in one week because it is true that you should go often in order to see the different items that get put out. From last week I forgot to share this sweet penguin sculpture. It is unmarked but reminded me of Lladro because of the soft colors. I love the feeling that comes across from the child to the parent in this. I paid $2 and put it up for $20.


I have found Madeline dolls in the past and they always sell eventually for me. I had this Miss Clavel doll for a while and she has not sold so when I saw Pepito in his box at the thrift I thought that I could lot them together.


Globes are an item I have sold a few of. People really like to decorate with them. I thought this tin Ohio Art bank globe with it’s bright colors was very charming for $3.


I was excited to buy this NHL collector pin set. I comes framed but the background cardboard is a bit warped. I hope that doesn’t affect the price too much. I have seen them sell between $50 and $70. I bought this one for $7. There are 26 pins in all.


I was visiting my sister this weekend and just for fun I clicked onto the yard sale app that I have on my phone not expecting to see any but the was an indoor moving sale just 5 minutes from my sisters house. I didn’t get there until Sunday and I’ll bet that it was really good on Saturday. This is what I found:

A Christmas Peppermint Patty talking doll.


This interesting rustic plush owl made of burlap and sweater material.


And this printers draw that can be used to display miniatures.


I wouldn’t usually pick up something like this because it will be a bear to ship but everything at this sale was $1 so I couldn’t resist. I saw this little pin, or button, or I don’t know what it was, just sitting there on a table and I threw it in my pile. It turns out to be some kind of military badge. Others on ebay have sold for pretty good money but mine does not have the fasteners that others have on the back. I’ll still put it up and I will let you know what happens.


I had a few good sales. The Catherineholm blue baking dish that I hung on to for a while and enjoyed sold for $80 and the mid century elephant went for $50. Kind of sad to see them go but that’s what it’s all about! Happy shopping!!


6 responses to “Thrifting and an Indoor Tag Sale!

  1. distresseddonna

    My favorite is the printer’s tray. What a steal! I collect the little tin globes.

  2. wp2014

    Yes, that was a steal! Would love to hear more about the tag sale app!

  3. Thurgood Abzug

    Ah, Ms. Poitier, it has been far too long. Or not nearly long enough. Or maybe it has been just exactly the right amount of time – I am not the one to ask as I have not changed my wall calendar since 1988. Which is even odder (there’s a numerical oxymoron for you!) than it sounds as I have lived in over thirty five different residences since then, many of them within easy walking distance of well-stocked, adequately-lit calendar stores offering their wares at bargain prices. I suppose I am just loyal to this particular wall calendar. It is one of those “Egg-A-Month” calendars, where every month displays a different picture of an egg. When I bought it I assumed it would show pictures of different eggs from various types of birds, or possibly even reptile or monotreme eggs. I was somewhat disappointed, therefore, to discover all twelve photographs were of the same white chicken’s egg, placed in very minimally decorated “seasonally appropriate” settings. March, for instance, finds Jimmy (I named him) alone, standing on a table next to a desk fan, I suppose to indicate the windiness of the month. April has him on the very same table, (the fan still visible in the background!), with only a torn umbrella as a quarter-hearted attempt at representing “April showers.” April! A month who’s signature holiday actually features eggs! Think of the countless thematic possibilities! Why must the calendar industry time and again insist on stopping at “good enough” when excellence is only a few feet further on!? Where is their ambition?! Are these the calendars intended to inspire future generations of calendar makers? Is it any wonder that America’s youth are trampling each other to get away from calendar design and other calendar-related careers as quickly as they can? No, it is no wonder at all.
    Anyway, I really like the penguin statue. I assume it is of a famous penguin, otherwise why would he have been memorialized with such an exquisite tribute? If there is a plaque with the penguin’s name and a list of his notable achievements, would that be included in the price? Also, I would be very interested to know if you’re in the market for sculptures of penguin eggs. Is that something anyone is looking for? I only ask because I have been making them non-stop for a number of years now. I was thinking I’d get rid of them in no time in the wake of “Happy Feet” and “March of the Penguins” and “Surf’s Up,” but I guess I over-estimated the public’s desire for penguinalia. There’s now about twenty-six thousand piled up in my front yard and the FAA has declared it a hazard to air traffic. My neighbors have been circulating a petition, though I don’t see how it’s any of their business.
    Ever yours,
    Thurgood Abzug

    • Um. I don’t quite know what to say here but speaking of eggs, did you see the wooden egg that I bought several months ago that was actually a kaleidoscope? Had I known about your fascination with eggs I would have saved it for you or at least made you a new calendar featuring it in various vignettes.

  4. I’d be sad to see the CH go, too! But enjoy the profit.

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