Best Finds of 2014

In case you are not familiar with my blog, I look for items at yard sales, thrifts stores and estate sales to resell on ebay. This year I was looking out especially for vintage, mid century items. These are some of my favorites for 2014. It is the beginning of winter and will be quite a while before the sales start up again so I am trying to entertain myself by making this list. I hope you will be entertained too.

Let’s start with number 10. This is a remote control car from the 1980’s that sold for over $100. I knew very little about it and didn’t even know whether or not it worked! I paid about $4.


Number 9 is this large dinosaur. I have sold dinosaurs before from the Jurassic Park series with a JP marked on the leg. This dinosaur looked like a dinosaur from Jurassic Park but didn’t have a JP mark. It turned out to be a JP dino that was hard to find and sold for over $100.


I found this blue figural Kosta Boda bottle at a church sale. I really liked the mod style of it. It only sold for about $30 but I thought it was beautiful and unusual.


Number 7 is going to be this wooden Dansk pepper grinder. I just learned about these uniquely shaped Dansk items this year and was able to find, and sell a few of them. This one was my favorite.


Number 6 is this vintage Barbie trunk with came with the dolls and clothes inside. It is really fun to find something that you have to sort through and discover what is inside. The dark haired Skipper inside came with several outfits. I spent $10 for the case and sold the items for about $80.


Number 5 is an item I had recently learned about and was hoping to find. It is a Blenko glass double spouted pitcher. I love the deep purple color. I think I spent $5 for it and sold it for $40 or $50. Now I can’t remember.


Number 4 is this wild boar Folkmanis puppet. This guy made me happy because I found him at a sale that I came late to and was really happy when I learned that he was rare.


Number 3 is this blue turquoise Dansk pitcher. I love Dansk enamelware and think this color is just beautiful. The rattan handle was in great shape. I kept it for a while before I sold it.


Number 2 is this really cool cat that I found at a church sale. He seemed to be made from some kind of lucite or acrylic which added to his charm for me. I picked him up because I like cats and I thought he was unusual and could be mid century. As it turned out he was created by a Brazilian artist named Palatnik and brought about $93.


My number one favorite find for 2014 is this blue Catherineholm baking pan. This is a style I learned about last winter and have been looking out for it ever since. When I saw it at a church sale with a $3 sticker on it I got so excited! It also came with its original metal holder. It took me a long time to decide to part with it but I really try hard not to keep too much of what I buy.


Well, it looks like it’s going to be a long winter. Maybe you still have sales where you live. I will probably be visiting the thrift store a few times! There’s always hot cocoa!

4 responses to “Best Finds of 2014

  1. I’ve been visiting you for too long because I remember most of these buys! I am still on the lookout for my own Blenko pitcher but it gives me hope everytime a blogger finds one. I was surprised you ended up selling the enamelware pitcher!

  2. wp2014

    My mom had that pitcher in red…very nostalgic for me. Have any New Year’s resolutions in regard to your ebay? Mine is to not come home with so much stuff…try to focus on the good stuff…I’ll let you know how I did in 2016!

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