Hanging On By A Thread

Tag sale season is hanging on by a thread because there were 2 sales this weekend! One was a holiday sale at a school with one room in the back for a tag sale which was mostly toys. Yeah! The second sale was a christmas bazaar at a church which was actually 80% tag sale stuff! Double yeah! At the first sale I found another Vanellope doll which is the girl from Wreck It Ralph. I sold a similar one a few months ago.


They had some legos on a table. Most of them were in ziploc bags. It’s hard to buy them like that because you can’t tell whether or not it is a complete set. I picked up a Lego City dump truck that was still in the box but the pieces were in ziplocs. It seemed pretty complete to me. Legos are a little harder to sell these days. People want them mint in the box. They were selling all the lego sets for $7 each and people were complaining that it was too much money. I didn’t think that was too bad for the truck in its box.


I wasn’t finding too much else but as I was looking around I saw a plain wooden box. When I looked inside there were 2 vintage Nintendo 64 games and a purple N64 controller. If it all works they should sell fairly well.

The second sale was so cute. As soon as you walked in they pinned a little miniature wreath pin on you and handed you a little tote bag! On the first floor there was a lot of china, glassware and linens. Downstairs was a room with toys. The corner was filled with dolls and stuffed animals. I picked up a Pepe Le Pew and Penelope stuffed animal. When I checked the dolls I found a Bitty Baby. She is very scuffed up on top of her head. There was a small plastic backpack filled with doll clothes. When I checked it I thought I saw an American Girl label so I grabbed the whole thing. After I sorted it out at home I found 5 pieces of clothing for Bitty Baby and one American Girl doll dress. I also bought a fluffy white Gund dog named Dreyfus. When I went to pay, the lady said that this was like the dollar store and everything was a dollar so I got everything for $4. I was really happy with my finds.

P1260896 P1260920 P1260939P1260905

So much fun. Hate to see it end. Maybe it will hang on for one more weekend?


2 responses to “Hanging On By A Thread

  1. Great finds! You must do well with toys. I always wonder about that. If I’d have success or not. I don’t think I’d know what to look for since I’m so used to only looking for little vintage things. Thanks for sharing!
    Erica 🙂

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