Pretty Dishes and a Lucite Cat

The sales are becoming more and more scarce around here as the temperature drops. I went to one sale at a Greek Church and two other smaller sales. At the church I found this interesting cat. He is made out of lucite or acrylic. When I researched him I found out he is by an artist from Brazil named Abraham Palatnik. The ones that I saw on line are in better condition than mine but we’ll see.


At the same sale I picked up this cute Hello Kitty tea set. I love Hello Kitty and this heart shaped tea set was just so sweet, even though it is incomplete.


The next sale I went to didn’t really seem to have too much for me so I ended up buying some dishes which is something I don’t usually do. This one, with roses, was marked Schumann and Bavaria. I thought it was especially pretty. It is a 12″ cake plate. If it came with the pedestal I’ve seen it sell for $38. I don’t know what I will get. I will try for $20.


Also at this sale I picked up this vintage canister for $1. It is not very valuable but I thought it was cool and couldn’t resist for $1.


This is a toy I picked up at the thrift store. It is a dragon from How to Train Your Dragon named Monstrous Nightmare.


This is a picture of my cat destroying my couch because he is so heavy. He has a problem digesting his food properly. It’s not really his fault but look at my poor couch.


Sales are picking up due to the holiday season. I hope you are all doing well and finding great items!!


2 responses to “Pretty Dishes and a Lucite Cat

  1. Pam

    Sweet finds! Love the modern style cat. About that can…you can unscrew the glass top, and you put it in the oven (350 I think) until those crystals turn a deeper blue/purple color. Whatever you put in the can then stays fresh. Not that you’re gonna use it, but some fun info. It is called a Crispy Can, or Krispy Can, if you want to search. Visiting from Thriftsaurus.

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