Video Games and Disney Castles

I went to three sales this weekend. One was on Friday where I found some video game items. I rarely find those anymore because there is so much competition for them. I picked up some Pokemon games and a red DS lite for a good price.

P1260616 P1260636

The sale I went to on Saturday was at a school where they usually have a lot of toys and this year was no exception. I picked up a box that said Disney Theme Park which looked like it had a bunch of random toys in it. When I got it home and sorted through it there was a light up Beauty and the Beast castle with some figures and a Cinderella castle that also came with a few figures. They put lots of details in these items. In the Cinderella castle the bottom step flips open to reveal a tiny shoe. One of the towers has a screen that pulls out from the side with fireworks drawn on it to celebrate the wedding of Cinderella and the Prince.

P1260652 P1260663

Some other small items I picked up there include a Little Einsteins magnetic play set, Hello Kitty purse and a set of Land Before Time dinosaurs.

P1260675 P1260688 P1260693

Another item from this sale is this Lucille Ball doll trunk from the Franklin Mint. It is very pretty with lots of details and it should sell for a good price except I have to figure out the shipping cost first because it is very big and very heavy.

P1260705 P1260712

When I moved out from the toy area I picked up a small bracelet with yellow beads that I thought might be bakelite but it turned out they were not. I purchased this turquoise vase which I kind of love for its color and unusual shape.


At the last sale I went to I purchased this Cinderella music box. I guess it really was a Disney day!


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One response to “Video Games and Disney Castles

  1. That sale looks like fun – I love when a bunch of randomness is actually awesomeness!

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