Mid Century Elephant and Vintage Barbie Wigs

The wind is really whipping outside. I guess this is why yard sale season has to end. No one would want to go to sales in this weather. My cat is sitting on top of the couch right behind me like a little heater. On Friday I went to the thrift store and picked up a few items. Their prices are getting very high and I really need to think twice before I buy which I didn’t really do on Friday so I think I overpaid. I found this set of 6 Polly Pocket houses from 1993. My daughter used to love these small Polly Pocket sets. Unfortunately there were no dolls inside. The attention to detail in these is amazing.

P1260528 P1260531

I also found some vintage Care Bear figures at the thrift store.


Looks like the theme of the day was pastel colors.

On Saturday there was a church sale. There was a Tammy doll case with a few items inside for $2. The case is in fair condition. There are a lot of places where the vinyl is coming off but I love the graphics.

P1260561 P1260564

There was a Penny Brite doll inside the case and these four wigs. I believe these were called Color Magic Wigs and are a fairly early Barbie item.


I found a Teddy Ruxpin in the toy area which unfortunately doesn’t work. Next to him was this funny cat called a Petster which I picked up. He is supposed to respond to commands. He is not worth a lot but at least he seems to work and I think he’s really cute!


There was an entire box filled with needlework kits for $1 but they are not really selling for me anymore. I picked out 3 that I thought were unique and the one that I think will sell is this Christmas house cross stitch from Denmark.

P1260551 P1260553

There were 2 there and I wish I had picked up both. Another item I should have picked up was a Chinese drum with a dragon on it. It had a tag that said “Tom” on it. I thought – “Oh -that must have been Tom’s drum.” No. It was a Chinese tom tom drum and was probably worth about $50 – $70. : (

My favorite find was this elephant. He was not marked but I thought he had a very mid century modern look to him. After researching I believe he is by an Italian Modernist artist named Fili Mannelli. Hopefully he will be a good seller.


That’s all for this weekend!

3 responses to “Mid Century Elephant and Vintage Barbie Wigs

  1. I hate non-buyer’s remorse too but you got some cute stuff! I like your Polly Pocket homes!

  2. Love your elephant!! Is he for sale?

  3. Those Polly Pockets sets look so fun! I want to play with them. 😉 Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. Jo

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