Driving too far to go to sales

I think I may be a little obsessed with going to sales. I just keep thinking that it is the end of the season. Last Friday I drove to a sale that started at 7:00. It was supposed to be an hour away but because I was driving in rush hour traffic it took two hours. That’s too long. On top of that it was not a good sale. I bought 3 items there. There were two black leather vintage handbags and a pink flowered hat box which I haven’t photographed yet. The handbags remind me of my mother. I think they are from the 50’s.

P1260428 P1260433

On Sunday there was a sale at a Synagogue that started at 12:00 which was great because I got to sleep later. This sale had the cheapest entry fee – 50 cents! Why not round it up to $1? I don’t get it. This sale was also an hour away but it was worth the drive this time.

There was a plush pile in which I found 2 American Girl doll pets which I have sold before – Coconut and Licorice. I grouped them with 2 other items from American Girl that I had been saving.


Also in the plush area I found these two Asian cloth dolls which were handmade and signed. I love how their faces are painted and especially the face of the baby.

P1260460 P1260465

My favorite find was this little wooden egg. I think people were passing it by because they thought it was just a wooden egg and didn’t realize that it was actually a kaleidoscope. I have always loved kaleidoscopes. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is a miniature silver kaleidoscope on a chain.


The last item I will share with you today is this Japanese wooden Kokeshi doll. I love the colorful carved flowers. I am tempted to keep her.


To update you on some recent sales, the Catherineholm bowl sold for $50, the big eyed dolls from Japan sold for $25 and the vintage crepe paper turkeys from a few weeks ago sold for $34. Let’s keep shopping. Winter is on it’s way!!

2 responses to “Driving too far to go to sales

  1. Those cloth dolls are so sweet! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays! Jo

  2. That kaleidoscope is awesome!

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