Another Catherineholm and some Plush

There was one large church sale near me and a few tag sales that I went to. The church sale has a small house just for toys. There wasn’t much in the front area but in the back area there is usually a mountain of plush. I love a good plush mountain. I found a Fred Flintstone wearing a Water Buffalo hat. That was one of my favorite shows as a child! I found 2 cats from a show on PBS that my daughter used to watch called Sagwa. I called her up to ask if she remembered Sagwa and she said “You mean Sagwa the Chinese Siamese cat? Of course! I loved that show.” Also in the pile I found these Japanese dolls with big anime style eyes. I’m hoping to sell them as a lot.

P1260360 P1260361 P1260368 P1260398

At the same sale but in another area I picked a sweet little plate with an illustration of a girl pretending to be a nurse and her cat patient. My daughter is a nursing student and she loves cats so when she saw this she claimed it.


After the church sale I stopped by a tag sale and the first thing I spotted was a sparkling duck. When I flipped it over I saw the swan logo so I knew it was Swarovski. When I asked the lady how much it was, I got one of these “Oh what is that doing out here – that’s not for sale!” Sigh. I kept looking around and I spotted a blue and white Catherineholm bowl. I was very excited but cautious because I didn’t know if she would take that back too. Fortunately she sold it to me for $2. I also purchased this interesting glass pitcher made in Sweden and this pretty pair of salt and pepper shakers.

P1260389 P1260374 P1260383

Some of my Halloween costumes have been selling. It’s time to list the stuff I have been saving for the holiday season. So far I have listed this Bryer’s Choice Caroler figure, and this adorable animal themed menorah.

P1260341 P1260352

Hope you all are finding some interesting items at your sales!!

4 responses to “Another Catherineholm and some Plush

  1. Seeing Fred Flintstone made me smile. I loved that show too. You found a great variety of stuff! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays! Jo

  2. Thank you! It’s always fun to read what others have found!

  3. Great job on the bowl! You know… if I found something at a church sale & was told it wasn’t for sale, I would probably cause a scene. “If it’s not for sale, then why is it out on the table?” Blah blah… do my best if I really wanted it.

  4. Thank you! Very sorry about your dog. I have a cat who sits behind me at night on the couch with one paw on each of my shoulders and massages me. He is my buddy! You really become very attached to them.

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