Mid Century Madness

I spent the weekend at my sister’s house in long island and didn’t think I would get to too many sales. It also poured on Saturday but there was one sale that was advertised as the contents of house when really it was more like an estate sale. The mom of this family was moving and the children were trying to empty the house. Mom was 95 and had many interesting things. The prices were great since this was not being run by an estate sale company. I was reading about how important eye appeal can be when shopping for items to resell so I was thinking about that when choosing items to buy. I found this interesting salt and pepper shaker set featuring this pretty african american woman. It was marked Royal Winton. Because I didn’t see anything else like it when researching, I put a price of $49.99 on it and surprisingly it sold within 10 hours.


I also picked up this candy dish that is marked “A Barton Creation” on the base. I think it has a nice mid century modern shape and abstract design. I also love the turquoise color. It was $3.


The third interesting piece I bought at this sale was this unusually shaped teapot. It is stamped on the bottom “The Cube” and has an art deco look to it. There is a chip on the bottom. It was $1.50.


I also had heard on Youtube that miniature oil paintings can sell well and that was my motivation for buying this pair.


They are small, measuring only 6″ tall. On Friday I went to a church sale where I found a Madame Alexander ballerina doll that was very pretty except for the fact that one of her eyes fell down and out of place which now makes her look very creepy. I don’t know whether I should try to fix her or sell her as is.

I am trying to sell some Halloween items that I bought over the summer and then forgot about. I hope it’s not too late. Here is what I listed:

P1260277 P1260281 P1260285

There are 2 costumes from the TV cartoon Adventure Time and a mask from a cartoon called Avatar The Last Airbender.

Can’t wait to see what you have picked up!!

5 responses to “Mid Century Madness

  1. wp2014

    Wow, that salt shaker was a surprise. Who would think $50? Good instinct. How do you get so much feedback? I only seem to get about one third of people leaving it.

  2. Love the candy dish and the unusual teapot! Thanks so much for linking up at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. Jo

  3. Jodi Spencer

    I hear your sister lives in a beautiful neighborhood with many wonderful tag sales all about. You must have had a relaxing and fun filled weekend.:)))))))))))))))))))

  4. Sounds like a really fun time! Congrats on your salt and pepper sale – what a surprise 😀

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