Sunday, Muddy Sunday

OK – the muddy sale was on Saturday, but that doesn’t rhyme with the U2 song. So I went to a sale on Saturday that is held twice a year under these great big white tents. When I went to this sale in the spring I found nothing and I had gotten up early to get there. This time I wasn’t even going to go at all but around 10:00 I headed there despite the fact that it was pouring rain. I wasn’t really expecting to find anything but I did manage to find a few things. Sometimes things work out better if you’re not expecting too much. It was so muddy! My shoes and pants were soaked! The tents are put up on a field and the ground was just drenched. This little girl found a doll she wanted and then proceeded to drop her right in mud! My favorite find were these crepe paper turkey decorations. I think they look quite vintage and I love their faces. There were 7 in a ziploc bag for $1.


I found a Little Einsteins figure that I am putting with a rocket I found earlier.


I also found a storage case for the Madeline dolls that I am putting with 2 dolls from that set to sell as a lot.


Earlier in the day I went to a different sale where I found this bride Kewpie doll. I think she’s pretty cute – all dressed in lace.


Here is a baby honey pot Halloween costume from the Disney Store that I hope will bring about $25. I paid $5. I like the detail of the two bees on the lid. Can’t you picture some chubby legs sticking out of the bottom there?


I also had a few finds at the thrift store. One was this Dansk flatware set that is a complete service for 4 still wrapped inside the box. I paid $15 for this but I am hoping to get $75. P1260087

Last I picked up this big Rizzo the Rat who is a popular character from the Muppets. He measures about 21″ tall and I paid $7 for him. P1260124

Well – the weather is definitely turning. Hope you are still enjoying some good sales where you are!!

One response to “Sunday, Muddy Sunday

  1. That Halloween costume is adorable! Thanks for linking up at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays! Jo

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