Vintage Fisher Price, Legos and a tiny small

This weekend there was basically only one sale that I went to. It was part of a church harvest fair and there was no early bird fee! I found a bag of pieces from the Fisher Price circus which I had as a child. Nostalgia! They are not that valuable but for $2 I picked them up. I found a zip lock bag with a doll outfit inside that turned out to be an outfit for the American Girl Molly for $1. They had quite a few legos and legos have been hit or miss for me. There wasn’t a lot of time so I quickly looked up a few. One was a christmas village scene which was my best buy of the day. Then I picked up two Star Wars Lego sets which looked good when I looked them up. They were not in sealed boxes so I knew I was taking a chance because there was no time to see what exactly was in there. I got two for $6 and unfortunately they are both missing quite a few pieces. I am going to lot them up with another Star Wars set that I am having a hard time selling.

P1260030 P1260057

P1260057 - Version 2P1260062

I found a tiny Minton thimble which has an ornate elephant graphic. It’s very pretty in blue, green and gold. Back to legos, I also found a Lego Architecture Big Ben. Lego did a whole series of famous landmarks and some of them are collectible.

P1260037 P1260043

It was a beautiful day to be outside so even though I didn’t get any amazing finds, I still had fun!

Remember ugly wild boar puppet? That guy sold for $70!


6 responses to “Vintage Fisher Price, Legos and a tiny small

  1. wp2014

    Wow, you really know your toys. Who would think ugly bore puppet would go for so much! You would have liked the sale I went to. It was a day care that closed. They had tons of vtg fisher price. It was hard to figure out what to get. You would have known. Lots of the big playsets and tons of figures and accessories, and sort of mixed up. So i remember having trouble selling the large sets, and they were well played with, so I bought a bin of figures and accessories instead. I think maybe too many! It was a beautiful weekend!

  2. That sounds awesome!! You can never have too many vintage fisher price things! I can’t wait to see them!

  3. dearwatsonblog

    those circus pieces are fantastic! fisher price made some really timeless toys.

  4. jodi spencer

    Light blue is my favorite color also!! Love your blog so much!

  5. Love the Big Ben. And what a steal on the American Girl outfit. Good work on the puppet! Thanks for linking up at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. Jo

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