200 Families Reprise

This weekend was the second of the 200 families yard sales for 2014. It seems like only yesterday that I was going to the one in June and summer was just beginning. Sigh. I only found a few things this time including a large Molly doll from the Big Comfy Couch. I sold the small one I found several months ago for $10. Since this one is twice as big I hope to get twice as much for her! I found a plush Bananas in Pajamas. This was a show my daughter watched when she was young and had a large singing Bananas in Pajamas. A banana is an interesting choice to make a character out of, don’t you think?

P1250863 P1250890

I found a stuffed Pokemon character. I have been collecting a small group of them to put up as a lot and when I found this one I decided it was time to list them.


After this big sale I went to a church sale that was on its second day so I knew there wouldn’t be much too find but it’s fun to see if there is anything to pick up. I found this cute little mid century wooden viking made in Denmark. He was only 10 cents. I think he is missing the top of his spear. Or maybe he is so fierce all he needs is a stick. I think he’s funny with all that hair. I also picked up a pair of Grateful Dead mugs for 25 cents each.

P1250870 P1250879

That’s about all the interesting pick ups for this weekend. The weather here in the northeast is starting to cool down but still has been pretty delightful. See you next time!

4 responses to “200 Families Reprise

  1. A 200 family yard sale sounds fun! And the Molly doll is so sweet. I would love it if you link up this post (or any other) at my new Vintage Bliss Tuesdays linky party. Thanks, Jo.

    Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/1qWXI1U

  2. General Omar Bradley (not the famous one)

    Ahoy, Ms. Porter! You have once more wrestled victory from the jaws of the garbage truck with this week’s trove of tag-saleular delights. The depressed and/or narcoleptic banana, the tiny fierce Viking (is that his beard or a boa? Is he one of those female impersonator Vikings we don’t hear enough about? Few people are aware that Leif Ericson’s full name was “Leif Ericson alone, he’s not hurting anybody dressing up like a cheap floozy and dancing on coffee tables.”) Exactly how large is the “large” Molly doll? You should really photograph her next to an object of standard size like a dime or the planet Neptune, to give the viewer a sense of scale. In this picture she appears to be anywhere from eight to several hundred feet tall. How many people can she hold, exactly? Could she theoretically be scooped out and used as temporary housing for a small, quiet family? I am asking for a friend. A friend who is sick of me and my family living in his attic. I would also be interested in the Grateful Dead mugs, but only if they are as spacious as Molly. My parents are coming to visit next month and I cannot afford to rent out the gas station bathroom again. Well, thank you once again for having the courage to attend these sales and broadcast your wonderful discoveries to those of us too drunk or terrified to leave the house.

  3. You’ve done it again. I’m so glad my posts provide you with such inspiration for comedy!!

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