A Small Sweaty Haul

Yesterday I drove (1 hour) to a church sale. It was very packed with stuff which I love but it was also 100 degrees in there with no AC. So the first hour was fun and then I really started to ask myself “Is it worth it to find one more $10 item if I pass out?” I really felt sorry for the volunteers running the tables there. 

At the bottom of the stuffed animal bin I found 3 tagged American Girl items. One is a cute little bunny who is apparently the doll Julie’s pet.



I bought these two enamel butter warmers because I love the colors. They are from Yugoslavia.



I found a Puffalump Kid doll still in her box from 1990. I always wonder how some items stay in their box after all these years. Was the person keeping it as a collectible? Was it just an unwanted gift?



I found a sweet vintage light switch cover.



I dug through the mug boxes and purchased about 6 at 50 cents a piece hoping to find at least a few of value. I don’t really know a lot about Starbucks mugs except that people seem to get excited about the city mugs. I found 2 large green Barista mugs which appear to do OK. The only other mug I found which may have a chance to sell is this London Regional Transport mug from 1985. 

P1250808 P1250816


That’s about it. Who knows what else I could have found had I been willing to risk a little heat stroke.

One response to “A Small Sweaty Haul

  1. Zymanticore Pillstrap

    Hello! I apologize for being out of touch for so long, only I have been traveling throughout Asia and Western Illinois. Your latest crop of finds are, as always, a remarkable assemblage of Americana fit for display in the finest roadside tourist traps. The title of this entry reminds me of that old acorn “A small sweaty haul is better than no haul at all, but for god sake keep quiet about it.” As for the excessive heat inside the church, perhaps this was simply Our Lord’s way of expressing his disdain for turning His house into Ali Baba’s trading post.
    Among your discoveries, I am thoroughly enamored of the mint-condition diabetic infant still in its original intensive care facility. What budding Florence Nightingale would not want to care for this ill-fated darling during her final make-believe months? In fact, I myself am interested in obtaining it. At the moment I am, regrettably, penniless, pending receipt of a one-figure settlement from a wrongfully-accused-of-farting suit, but I might be persuaded to part with an item from my collection of vintage Mary Pickford Brand high-button shoes in trade. Please consider it.
    Of even greater interest to me is the London Regional Transport mug. What a boon! I fly to Britain at least twice a month, and this cup would be an indispensable navigational aid as I cannot afford a map. In fact next week I am being extradited there to stand trial for manufacturing and selling counterfeit vintage Mary Pickford Brand high-button shoes. I won’t bore you with the details, suffice it to say I am innocent but my attorney recommends I plead guilty to the lesser charge of heroin trafficking. Fingers crossed!

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