Vintage Stationery and Toy Haul

My neighborhood had a tag sale on Saturday. Many people in this area decorate their homes in a country style with antiques so the stuff they had to sell they priced as if it was in an antique shop. I saw a pair of scissors for $6 and they weren’t even vintage. Needless to say, I found nothing to buy. On Sunday there was a sale at a Temple about 45 minutes away. I have driven 1 1/2 hours to get to sales so 45 minutes sounded like a bargain to me. There was quite a bit of stuff there and it was fun to look through. I found several toys and a few other items. The prices were pretty good. I think I spent $30 for everything I bought. 

I found three Fisher Price pull toys. I think they are very sweet – especially Humpty Dumpty. Individually they are not worth much but I am hoping to be able to sell the lot of all three together.



I found a set of 6 bottles and their yellow carrier from Fisher Price. Since it is complete, I think it will sell. I remember this colorful toy from my childhood!



I found a pair of Halloween themed Troll dolls. One is Frankenstein and the other is a vampire. They remind me of the Mego Dracula and Frankenstein I found months ago, but are a lot cuter.



I spotted these cute Smokey the Bear themed notecards in a ziploc and I love the colorful vintage style illustrations.  



The last item I will mention is a vintage RC car from 1985. It is similar to one I sold earlier in the summer. I don’t know if it works or how complete it is so I will sell it as is, for parts or repair.


I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Labor Day weekend!

One response to “Vintage Stationery and Toy Haul

  1. laura70inak

    Pretty sure those little trolls will sell really well!

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