Church Sale and Thrift Store Finds

Early this morning I went to a tag sale that was part of a church Family Fun day. Well, I was not with my family, but I had a fun day! The first thing I saw was a purple Blenko decanter. I have never found Blenko glass before and I was excited because I recognized the distinctive shape right away. While searching through the toys I found 2 John Deere tractor toys. The problem is that they are covered in Dora the Expolorer band-aids that seem baked on. I think I need my husbands help getting them off. Also in the toy area I found a Monty dinosaur by Playskool that walks and roars. These are hit or miss as far as selling but I decided to pick him up anyway.


P1250690 P1250738


I picked up a few small pottery pieces. One is a very sweet turquoise creamer by Homer Laughlin. My favorite color again. I get into trouble when I find things in my favorite color to the tune of I can’t part with them. I also found three Hoganas Keramik items in a nice shade of green. I never heard of this name before but they were made in Sweden and had a nice shape so I picked them up.


P1250697 P1250703 P1250711


There was another church sale in the area where I picked up a globe and a pair of cat eye glasses. Many people like to use globes in decorating these days and I can see why. They are colorful and interesting to look at. I have the one I found up on the mantle next to an old tin lunchbox and a turquoise metal tray. It looks nice up there. Hmmm – maybe another keeper?


P1250741 P1250744


I wanted to mention a few thrift store finds as well. I picked up another sheet set. The last sheet set I bought there, which featured Snoopy and Woodstock, sold for $24. This time it is the Kliban cats. Anything with those cats on it can do well so keep your eye out for them. They are on a lot of ceramic items like cookie jars and mugs. I also found a Fisher Price Happy Apple which chimes when you rock it. 


P1250685 P1250729


Another thrift store find which my son spotted in the toy section is the talking Gru from Despicalble me. When looking for characters from movies or TV don’t forget that the supporting characters are usually more valuable because there aren’t as many of them. There are tons of Minions out there but not so many of the other characters.




Hope you are having fun and finding things to sell or enjoy for yourself or maybe – a little bit of both!



One response to “Church Sale and Thrift Store Finds

  1. I love that you visit as many places as I do! I am still waiting to find “my” Blenko in the wild. Good luck with your sales 😀

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