Bad Sale Good Sale

The first sale I went to this week was on Thursday. It was at a Temple that advertised “Huge Annual Epic Sale.” I drove an hour to get there, but couldn’t find anything good to buy at this “huge epic” sale. I went into desperate mode. That’s where I start looking at things I don’t usually look at like clothes and shoes. In desperate mode I bought a third party game controller, a Mets bag and a vintage electronic game. I spent $10 and I don’t believe anything I bought will sell. Bummer.



There was another sale on Saturday at a recreation center in a fancy neighborhood. I’ve been to this sale before and usually don’t find much because a lot of the sellers are dealers but I decided to have an open mind. I tried to find the tables that were just regular people, and not dealers. I picked up a bag of fantasy plastic figures (gargoyles, knights, dragons and monsters) from 1981 for $1. I found an Edward Scissorhands figure but realized when I got him home that he only had scissors on one hand. There was a plush Llama in Pajamas that seems to sell pretty well. He was also $1. I picked up a Big Hug Mug which I heard can sell well. It appeared in an HBO series and got popular from that. I think it is one of those items that previously sold very well but since word has gotten out, they are not as valuable as before. This one was 25 cents so I decided to take a chance.


P1250601 P1250619 P1250635


My favorite item that I found was a light blue Dansk pitcher with a rattan handle. It was $1. Happy dance! I don’t know if I can part with it because it is my favorite color. Dansk in my favorite color – how can I fight that? So I am going to keep it for a while. 




Another item I found there was a Coconut puppy from American Girl. By itself these don’t sell for much so when I find them I hold on to them until I have a few similar items. I had an American Girl pet cat and a carrier from a previous sale so I am putting these items together to sell.




August is winding down but the Fall always brings many things to look forward to – like some good sales!

4 responses to “Bad Sale Good Sale

  1. I found a Dansk turquoise pitcher for $9 and was doing a happy dance. I originally bought it to re-sell, but I just could’t part with it after I put it with my others. So, I understand. Haha

  2. Well then I don’t feel so bad! I just love that color. My mother had a Dansk pot in that color before I was collecting. When she moved into assisted living and we sold her estate we sold that and now I am kicking myself and looking to find another!

  3. I’ve sold a few Big Hug Mugs – sadly both before and after the BIG prices. I think my last one sold for about $25 – still a good flip on the price! I like your Dansk mug too 😀

  4. Thank you. I currently have a bid of $14.99 on the mug and even if it sells at that, I’ll be happy. I don’t usually have good luck with mugs so that will be a good flip for me.

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